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  • I'm using Firefox 70 and it's not working.
  • Since last update (I think Windows10/Firefox ) highlight is not visible.
  • Doesn't work the majority of the time. Trash.
  • I do not have a quick button to enable / disable add-on.
  • Tons of time has been saved for me.
  • This is a must-have productivity tool which lets you copy text on pages without right-clicking and 'Copy'. it does the same thing automatically! It saves 10 minutes a day, and it makes me faster. Dear developer, please, make it possible to copy adresses from adress bar, like https://example.com.
  • Basic functionality works well. It copies text that you select.
    The problem with this (and every other auto-copy webextension I've found) is recognizing which fields *not* to copy from. For example, this extension doesn't copy from basic text fields, which is good. But it does copy from Gmail's compose field, which is bad.
    A simple mitigation for this would be a user-manageable site blacklist. Alas, this extension does not have that, or any options at all.
    My search for an auto-copy extension that really works right must continue ...
  • Be AWARE, this is SPAM addon!
  • Great thing but no function with FF 60.0.2. I loved this addon always before.
    I also use ScrollAnywhere with right mouse button. Perhaps it is not compatible?
  • Doesn't work on sites that have content inside frames :(
  • Does not work with FF 60.
  • С этим аддоном криво работают гугл-таблицы (не работает копипаст), не работает контекстное меню.
    Отключил, ищу замену.
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