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85 reviews for this add-on
  • VERY useful addon! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

  • Again, awesome addon! You need to figure out how to enable payments, or just put up your paypal account for donations.

  • LightWeight addon @ 11 kb

    Minor Bug , Pls correct it , otherwise everytime we have to do it manually

    After "Connection: keep-alive" (code) , The remaining code is in single inverted comma ,
    it has to be in double inverted comma

    Developer response

    Thanks for the rating and bug report. I'll look into it.

  • Works as advertised—can't ask for more!

  • Definitly a must have for people who often use wget on servers. Great work! Look also at my revision on www.zappodrom.deMaybe it's possible to give some options selectable in next versions like recursion or such?

    Developer response

    Thank you for your review. Here's an English translation of your post for those who don't speak German:

    I have a couple of features I want to implement soon. If by recursion you mean to download an entire directory, that's not in my todo list at the moment. But I'll think about it.

  • sooooo nice ...

  • Great tools for me to download file remotely to my server

  • I often have to download things to a remote server after I've found the link in my browser and used to do the whole "copy link location" and paste it after wget. Of course some sites thwart this by using cookies and other measures. This add-on is the answer to that problem, and even makes the base case easier. I look forward to the next version when the author adds the previous suggestion about a right-click on link option, but for now I highly recommend this add-on.

    Developer response

    Thank you Scott for that review. I will add that option in the right click menu. I just need some time as I'm currently very busy with other projects. Do you mind if I borrow parts of your text and use it for the description? It's clearer than my description :)

  • It's very useful addon but could you add option to rightclick on link and get wget/curl link so i won't need to click on link and wait till save as dialog starts.

    Developer response

    Thanks, that's a good idea. I will implement that.

  • Please add to Download Dialog radio button for execute command.
    And possibility of addition of a prefix:
    ssh wgetuser@serveraddr 'wget -O "download_file.exe"'