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  • Хорошее дополнение, имеются различные настройки. Из минусов проблема с выпадающим меню в опциях, то есть выбираешь например цвет значка а пункты (оранжевый, серый, зеленый...) оказываются внизу окна браузера, хотя работе это не мешает. Нет русского языка, но разобраться не трудно.
  • Great add-on, thanks! Would appreciate support for Inoreader like there is for Feedly.
    Inoreader is supported as of v1.2.5
  • Putting the RSS icon right where it belongs, this add-on is small and customisable. A must-have for those who still value RSS feeds.
  • Very well designed!!!
    Please consider to make more such option into url bar like reload, find in page, always visible zoom etc!
  • Me encanta. Se integra perfectamente, me ahorra un botón y puedes seleccionar entre varios rss.
  • Thank you for saving me from that huge RSS button that I have to put on. I don't know why Mozilla team decide to get rid of this basic but elegant function.
  • Really great add-on, thanks!
  • I also think this add-on is useful, but I cannot understand why this add-on updates every day.
    This add-on is currently at version 0.x, which implies that it is not yet "stable" (meaning how it works and what it does are not yet finalized). You can see updates and changes here -> https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/awesome-rss/versions/

    The last few releases were on the 22nd, 21st, & 17th.

    Are you getting updates more frequently than this?
  • Thanks for support multiple feeds in the page.

    Mozilla devs don't want at moment implemented this feature.

    Add "Subscribe" to page actions
  • Good to see WebExtensions allow stuff like this. The standard Subscribe button is a waste of space most of the time and using userChrome.css to hide it while disabled moves and/or resizes toolbar elements once an RSS feed becomes available.

    Funny how the built-in button seems tacked on and this extension is so seamless.
    Thanks. I cannot take credit for Awesome RSS seeming seamless though. I used the icon created by Mozilla and recreated the way Firefox used to handle subscriptions.
    It's my hope that Firefox will have this as a page action by default again and that this extension will be completely useless.
  • I like this add-on.
  • Thanks.
  • Good!!!
  • Cool!

    Update to v0.1.3 fixes the bugs mentioned in the last reviews.