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  • Simply: does not work the senseful way P.S. and with RSSpreview too. P.P.S. I don't want the whole web page with RSS list to see! It's just stupid counterpart of news page of a site. Totally useless addon.
  • "Awesome RSS" + "RSSPreview" is a great fix for Firefox 64+.
  • Was Great While it lasted. Thank You to the Developers for this Brilliant Add-on! Its not Their Fault Mozilla withdrew Rss capability from the Bookmarks! Shame on you Mozilla!
  • A great extension to detect "hidden" feeds in pages using RSS Autodiscovery format.
  • RSSPreview(https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/rsspreview/) is out for FF64+.
    So, Awesome RSS is still useful.
  • This add-on was one of the best WEs on AMO till Fx63. Now the internal feed/rss feature got removed and it would be really a shame, if we had to rely on the suggested webservices and internet pages.

    It would be a great to see this add-on to add and create own livemark folders not relying on any web services.
  • Funktioniert besser als gedacht: Signalisiert nicht nur, wenn RSS-Feeds auf einer Seite vorhanden sind, sondern zeigt die verschiedenen Feedadressen bei Bedarf an. Jeder Feed kann dann direkt abonniert werden. Dazu ruft das Addon den gewünschten Aggregator auf und trägt den Feed dort ein. Arbeitet nicht nur mit Feedly und Inoreader zusammen, sondern in der aktuellen Version 1.3.2 auch mit Nextcloud und meinem geliebten Tiny Tiny RSS. Bequemer war RSS noch nie!
  • Does what it says on the tin. Firefox continues to pander to idiots by taking away options, but fortunately smart developers make extensions to put them back in. Kudos!
  • Yet another add-on that shouldn't have to exist, but it does and it works perfectly. It adds a clickable RSS/Atom icon to the address bar when it detects a feed on the page, letting you get straight to the URL(s) without having to manually search the page (and it helps in cases where sites have RSS/Atom functionality but don't give you any way to see/find the URL via normal browsing).

    There's not much more to add really, it's extremely simple and you either need it or you don't. If you do, it works.
  • Quick, simple, does exactly what I need. Thank you! :D
  • Thanks for this!