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  • I hope this is good.
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  • It doesn't work anymore on Firefox version 65.0.1 pls fix it
  • Efficace, en complément d'Avira Antivirus Free
  • This addon is a disgrace for any antivirus company that is trying to be reputable. After opening Firefox after installing the Avira Antivirus Software, it asked me, wether I wanted to install the Avira Browser Safety Addon. Naivly as I was, I clicked yes.
    When I uninstalled the Antivirus Software, I wanted to Uninstall the Avira Addon as well. Sadly this addon was the only one of my many installed addons, which was MISSING the UNINSTALL BUTTON. The button was simply not there! An addon you CAN'T UNINSTALL shouln'd be provided by a company trying to get users to trust them with their savety!

    I assume you are running into this issue on MacOS. You can run the following command in your terminal "sudo rm /Library/Application\ Support/Mozilla/Extensions/\{ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384\}/abs\@avira.com.xpi" to uninstall the extension.

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  • Indispensable par les temps qui courrent
  • Whilst using two websites to order goods, the delivery / payment page froze. After enquiring from other 'community' websites I discovered that disabling add-ons on Firefox, - specifically Avira Browser Safety add-on, cleared the frozen screen and I could proceed. However, this makes the browser safety useless, as one has to disable the antivirus Browser Safety to gain access to a payment page - an own goal; the point of browser safety is to not let important information (card details) become easily available. I used Edge browser - no problem found and hence have to use this browser to purchase on these two websites. Both websites are declared 'safe' by Avira. To be fair 99.99% of websites are no problem just two I use for online shopping. Firefox 64.0.2. (64-bit). Windows 10 64-bit. Is this a bug?
    e-mail sent to you Markus by reply

    would you mind sharing the websites with which you had issues so we can look into them?

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