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  • Some have complained about the price comparison feature. It can easily be turned off.

    Trackers blocked is redundant to Ghostery and does not include as many blocks as Ghostery. Plus you have to block the same tracker on every website that contains it rather than being able to do a global block like Ghostery does.

    The only reason I keep using it is because occassionally it does block a website. I don;t know if they are FPs or not but when it comes to security I will take a few FPs over a landing on a malware loaded website.

    Search advisor could be expanded to include more search engines including ixquick and DuckDuckGo

    Has promise but definitely needs work
  • The Avira-add-on does it's original task as browser protection. Not good - not bad - only acceptable!

    But the "price comparison feature" is a "pain in the a...". !!!
    I've never asked for this function!
    I've never accepted it's installation!
    But it's there when you don't need it!

    That's the reason why I just de-installed the Avira-Browser-Protection and installed a competitor tool!
  • I love Avira. I'm licensed through 2020 for 3 PCs. But this extension is not very good.

    It blocks and warns on perfectly legitimate web sites. PayPal.com is just one prominent example that I've encountered and seen other users report in their forum. There are many other examples, but I'm not interested in posting my browsing history online.

    The price comparison feature is annoying, and never useful. I also find it an odd choice of features to add to a security-oriented extension. It also makes me feel spied upon, because clearly someone, somewhere is watching my online shopping.

    The search result feature seems to only work with a few major search providers, such as Google and Bing. This makes the feature useless to me, because I care about my privacy. I don't use Google or Bing; I use Ixquick.com, StartPage.com, and DuckDuckGo.com.

    And lately, it doesn't block or even detect any trackers at all. When it did, I found it didn't block many by default. I'm not sure if that was by design. You had to go in and manually enable blocking, AFTER the tracker already loaded and ... did its tracking. This is a terrible design. And like I said, the tracker blocking feature doesn't work at all anymore, unless the "0" I keep seeing on EVERY site is incorrect.

    Remove the price comparison feature (your greedy partners can deal with it; customers should come first). Fix the tracker feature. Make it block by default. And stop blocking legitimate sites!
  • Hi, i use this extension from many years, but today i noticed that it blocks Google Analytics on many sites. Why this?
  • I noticed that Firefox was not being responsive when a page first loaded, meaning I often had to click on a link again. What I noticed was that the page wouldn't accept any clicks until after the green Avira menu appeared at the top middle of the page. I disabled Avira Browser Security and the issue was immediately resolved. As long as you are smart with your clicks, this Add On is unnecessary.
  • Avira is a German company it's safe it's a lot better then Avast, mcafee, and other american antivirus programs check out the listing the price is way cheaper then most.
  • good job.
  • Can you make this thing work with Firefox 38 ESR?
  • Does what it say. Keep you safe. Work quietly in the background. Recommended...
  • Muito bom, só que no Firefox para MAC ele esta com bug, não funciona.
  • This add on will allow you go to obviously poor sites.It`s pointless.Just an icon stuck on your browser for advertising purposes.