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  • Very useful!
  • I would have never went out looking out for this myself, but the notification to install this popped right up on my desktop and it's as awesome as advertised (didn't try using the KDE Connect integration yet)! At least 5 stars.
  • Very handy feature. In fact, I have long dreamed of something like this. However, at the moment, the extension does not seem to support the function of switching tracks, although they are in the web player. Also, the extension does not always find an audio player (not surprisingly, but insulting), for example on the site vk.com.
  • Sehr gut gemacht.
  • Some sites like my e-news paper hang when I use the KDE integration. This was for me the reason to uninstall.
  • Still continuously being perfected. Absolutely can't be missed if using KDE desktop.
  • Very cool add-on. The only features I used are media playback and downloads integration. However, I have never had Firefox crash on me in ages (years?), but after installing this add-on and attempting to watch a youtube video, Firefox crashed! (It did work for a few videos before that.) Since removing the add-on Firefox hasn't crashed with youtube video playback, so I'm 99.99999% certain that the add-on, while very cool, definitely jeopardizes stability. What is weird is that the tab process should have died given e10s ("multiprocess"/multithreading), but instead the whole browser did. I'll try again some time in the future. Oh, and it doesn't work with Spotify for whatever reason (DRM?).
  • This is the future! Works really well with KDE Connect!
  • Very neat! Works pretty well for youtube videos.
  • Must have extension for using Firefox on GNU/Linux with KDE Plasma desktop
  • fantastic kde! bravo keep the work up!
  • innovative?
  • I love KDE, please try it if you haven't in a long time or for the first time

    Plasma 5.13 is so beautiful. Thank you for this integration with Firefox my favorite browser of all time.

    @Janne Granström Kubuntu 18.10 is not even released yet, you should not decrease rating of this extension based on unreleased software...

    works perfectly on 18.04

    The only reason to install 18.10 right now, is to participate in its development
  • Great addons for plasma users
  • Lovely.

    It would be great however if you could see the thumbnail of the thing playing in the browser, like Youtube video thumbnail.