208 reviews
  • Works great on Manjaro, after the required `plasma-browser-integration` package is installed. I really love it!
  • Its not running on firefox 64 and Manjaro 18.0 - Kernel Linux 4.19.12 - Plasma 5.14.
  • A must have for KDE Plasma users and further proof that KDE is a cut above the competition.
  • Awesome - I can now pause google music (and anything else) running in firefox with my media keys
  • отображение загрузок из браузера - пушка, отображение закладок из браузера прямо в поиске - вышка,
    контроль саунда в плеере - убийца.
  • Very successful and doing this job well.
  • this is what makes KDE great!