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  • So simple yet so useful!
  • Great wait to keep track of your time. Easy and simple to use too.
  • Basic and simple. Good!
  • good app, recomended to time control on work to project
  • The best and simpliest countdown timer i see.

    Please, add field where I can set local- or web path to the alarm sound. Thanks a lot!
  • Good and simple.
  • Great way to keep track of your day and what you're supposed to be doing, works really well if you're a busy person that often forgets the simplest of things. Thre are few area for changes to make it easier and better to use so i'm giving Tomato Clock 4*, still, overll i'd say it's a pretty good add-on.
  • Great tool
  • Great app, need to be able to customize time duration though! and maybe notification settings?
    Check out the latest version to customize the time duration!
  • Great addition to help you keep track of your day and when you need to do certain things! No probs so far either and it doesn't ask for a ton of information!
  • 需要定時追蹤自己作業時間的人來說,實在是滿方便的小機能。雖然不能設定時間長度有點可惜。
  • This is a great extension, it has helped me study and focus.
  • Great add-on. It's just missing the customizable time option.
    Check out the latest version to customize the time duration!
  • Simple and it works! The sound at the end made me jump from my chair though. :D

    I would like to request an option to pause the clock though. I know its not standard but for people like me that dont have full control of our environment and distractions, having the ability to pause the timer (and maybe keep track the number of pauses) is useful if it is part of the workflow.
  • Five stars because the app does not ask for more data and accesses than it needs to.

    And the sound has been added ! Made me freak at for the first time, but I will get used to it.
  • reminds me to get up from my chair quite effectively
  • Please add the TIck-Tack sound to the app (and an option to disable it) , it is important to hear it in the Pomodoro technique, to get in that mental state that help us to work better.