212 Bewertungen
  • simple and really effective!
  • It helps me a lot having a clear time frame, much appreciated add on
  • Great!
  • Really helps me keep track of time while working on my computer. Much appreciated!
  • Minimalistic and effective - well done!
  • This extension is absolutely excellent. Probably the best i have. Forget about phone timers or alarms, this great extension has all whats needed, and it works better since its showing you the time while browsing. It doesnt ask for any permissions either. It will display notifications, and it will do it very convenient.

    Developer, thank you so much for making this extension!
  • Excellent Pomodoro extension. Does exactly what's described!
  • This app was useless. I put two stars because I LOVE the idea and the creativity, but you can only set is for 3 different times!