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  • Great add-on. It's just missing the customizable time option.
    Check out the latest version to customize the time duration!
  • Simple and it works! The sound at the end made me jump from my chair though. :D

    I would like to request an option to pause the clock though. I know its not standard but for people like me that dont have full control of our environment and distractions, having the ability to pause the timer (and maybe keep track the number of pauses) is useful if it is part of the workflow.
  • Five stars because the app does not ask for more data and accesses than it needs to.

    And the sound has been added ! Made me freak at for the first time, but I will get used to it.
  • reminds me to get up from my chair quite effectively
  • Please add the TIck-Tack sound to the app (and an option to disable it) , it is important to hear it in the Pomodoro technique, to get in that mental state that help us to work better.
  • Glad this exists for Firefox. It does what it needs to do. Customization for time intervals would make this a 5 star app.
  • Simple.
  • Useful
  • Clockwork tomato is the best pomodoro app there is, hands down. It works perfectly out of the box, but it is extremely customizable. Need setting for customization
  • Need settings for customizable time periods
  • Awesome app. Please add ability to turn off sound alert. Don't want blast my head while on headphone
    Added the option of disabling the notification alert in version 4.1.1!
  • When version 4 will appear in addons store?
    Published! Please let me know if you see any bugs
  • Simple, neat, effective!
    A nice way to track my productivity for the day
  • Simples e muito útil! Contudo, falta notificações para o fim do tempo.
  • I have used this extension for months. It is simple, easy to use, and support desktop notification of fluxbox for both RHEL7 and Fedora 25.

    However, recent update broke the stats, thus no statistics.
    Hi dchen,

    Which version of Firefox are you using? The extension should have been fixed for version 53.

  • I like the simplicity of this add-on. It just consists of 5 buttons - a button for 25-minute Pomodoro chunks, 3 buttons for 5-, 10-, and 15-minute breaks, and a button for resetting the timer. While the timer is running, it also displays the remaining minutes on a small number on the toolbar icon, which is pretty convenient.

    Unfortunately, it's so simple that some basics are missing.
    - No alarm sound when timer is finished
    - Break timer doesn't automatically start
    - Doesn't really support the long break after 4 Pomodoros

    Would use it again if the above features are added.
  • man, you sould let the option to choose a sound or not when use this add-on. I read this was available, but you remove it. By the way the statistics are awesome
    Sound has been added in version 3! I also added the option of disabling the notification alert in version 4.1.1