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  • some much of text by your addon in Firefox customization :)
  • Had Redirect Control (Not Compatible for Optimum) which gave you the option to block, allow or add rule "POP OUT"
    "Add Rule" was good and simple when purchases redirect to submit payment confirmed etc,
    Also had a simpler Black List, White List Editor.
    This would be great update in Skip Redirect. Other than that is works great.
  • Does what it promises, has log, options, works on quantum. Should be built in natively, really:)
  • 本質的です
  • Please add support mobile firefox!
  • I'm having little issue with google drive. I have to disable this addon every time to be able download something from google drive. i hope there will be an update or a way to fix this.

    The addon works perfectly. No more re directing to sites i don't want.
  • Nice addon.
    I have replaced NoRedirect with Skip Redirect.
    How does Skip Redirect compare with NoRedirect?
    Does it do everything NoRedirect does?

    I would like more functionality.
    An URL unshortener would be nice.
    Something like what Long URL Please Mod does.
    And maybe some features from QuietUrl.

    But improve your screenshots and add the term nested redirects to About this extension if applicable.
  • Thank you for this add-on
  • Your add-on works perfectly, I just wanted to bring your attention to an issue with webextensions in Firefox: ghacks.net/2017/08/30/firefox-webextensions-may-identify-you-on-the-internet/
  • It works. Thanks for this useful extension!
  • The Add works better than other of your type, works perfect.
  • Very convenient.
    Can you please check https://github.com/sblask/webextension-skip-redirect/issues/30 and let me know there whether this solution would fix your oauth problems? Thanks!
  • Breaks 90% of OAuth applications without manually listing their URIs. Would it really be so hard to include "oauth" in the default list of non-redirects?

    Breaks a ton of internal links on amazon.com that only "redirect" to other amazon.com pages.
    Can you please check https://github.com/sblask/webextension-skip-redirect/issues/30 and let me know there whether this solution would fix your oauth problems? It will fix the Amazon problems. Thanks!
  • Works great, 5 stars!
  • Just like the other Reviewer I created my account just to give this addon a great review. Knowing the more links I use the more ads, crap, and hoggage I get on my pc. I decided to research a way to stop all those links at the bottom of the browser before I get to my destination. I found zero to none pages out there. Bumped into this addon by accident and ever since Ive been using it it has been a blast. Gone are all those unnecessary links and the browser is much quicker and faster. Less hog and no ads. This addon should also be an adblocker of some sort and an cpu saver. I like how simple and useful it is. Without any flashyness. The new update is incredible and very effective. They added a few useful options and its much more active in blocking everything. I love it and the creator doesnt get enough created. It is on my list of must haves!
  • I erased my last review because you hear the suggestions we made about the pop up and the scrollable window option.

    I am giving you 4 stars because I've one last suggestion, I loved when with one single click in the icon, I was able to enable and disable the addon, so, you can add a small triangle in the right of the arrow, and, when we click on the triangle, the options window are displayed, and you have then the 2 ways, only enable /disable by clicking the arrow, or show the windows option by clicking the triangle.

    Just a suggestion.

    Thanks for your work
  • I don't like to spend my time observing which pages are redirecting and how, and writing custom rules for them, so this is perfect for a minimal-configuration-required option.

    I especially like that I can quickly enable and disable the popup notification from the browser action panel to debug unwanted redirect blocks, and then quickly add them to the whitelist without opening a settings page.

    Thank you Sebastion for making this and thank you also for updating it to be a WebExtension to remain usable in future versions of Firefox.
  • So if you're like me you were using the now dead Clean Links (R.I.P) and in search for a replacement "url cleaner" that iss e10s and also Multiprocess compatible (FF57+).

    Well look no farther! It's this add-on right here.

    I've tried a lot of these url "cleaners" and all of them have some kind of flaw, either they only cover specifically Google or "insert popular search engine here" or were designed for a specific kind of link, but with all of them I always came across something that they would not "clean", so I had to keep searching.

    Finally found this one and it just works for everything I've thrown at it, which is great!

    Before v2.1.5 it had this annoying pop up that told you that a link was cleaned with no way to turning the popup off, but with v2.1.5 and up, there is now an option to turn this notification off to better suit how you want. It literally became perfect with this update.

    Dev seems like a great guy too, and is open to suggestions/ideas for this add-on over on his Github page, I know this it is a dumb thing to add in a review about the "add-on", but this gets a plus from me because that just means issues will get fixed instead of getting ignored.

    I also just made this Firefox account so I could review it because it's just that good.

    My God I'm a shill. :/
    You are too kind :-)
  • The new release is amazing. Previously, I often missed that the extension was enabled and was wondering why a certain site does not work. The notifications solve this problem. Also good to see the extension was converted to WebExtension.
    Thanks! This was exactly my problem, that's why I added the notification. A lot of people didn't like it though, that's why it's configurable now ;-)
  • Is there a way to adjust how long popup notification is shown? For me the previous version small notification was better.
    See https://github.com/sblask/firefox-skip-redirect/issues/21
  • Probably the best redirect cleaner out there. Hopefully support for slickdeals.net product link redirects can be added, but otherwise has worked great for me.
  • hey man,this addon is very good,but there is little problem hope you can fix it,when mouse move to the icon,it can only show the real link,but the real link can not be clicked directly,i must use printscreen to save the real link as a pic,and then to input it manually .Hope you can fix this and have more update,thanks!
  • Not compatible with Search by Image addon from Google. Breaks this one: http://www.google.com/insidesearch/searchbyimage.html