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  • Works good, and I don't really have any reason to not recommend it. However, ***expect something to break.*** For example, the Wayback Machine will end up taking you to the normal version of the page when this addon is enabled. Although, there's a blacklist for that, so it's completely avoidable.
  • Huge tool tip text breaks the firefox customization page. Developer stated this will not be fixed as he wants the full string.

    Hopefully, Mozilla limits the length of this text or the developer can simply add an option to remove this excessively long text.

    Switching to 'Remove Redirect' for now, but if this doesn't bother you as much as it did me then this is still a very good addon.
  • Very good, but can't remove redirects at https://www.baidu.com
  • signed, jason roach re: https://getfreeindustriesbackup.blogspot.com/
  • Great add-on. Thanks for it!
  • Works perfectly.
  • An irritating sound is played every time the plugin skips a redirection -- which can happen a lot if you're looking through google search results for example. The sound cannot be disabled.
  • perfect
  • very nice. I use this in whitelist mode, stripping redirects unless I run into a problem.
  • nice
  • This works. So a maximum score.
  • Haven't encountered any issues so far, thank you.
  • Works well enough, and having a wildcard blacklist is nice. But sometimes its link parsing seems a bit buggy.
  • Very nice. Few times it opens empty window while popup conversion is succesful. I'd like to remove some more redirect info from links. If you're getting twitter emails, for example, they have agressive "t.co" links, which are converted to "goo.gl" links but still carry all snitching parameters in URL.
  • Recently, I started to get lots of "I'm not a robot" captchas from Google. I'm investigating why I'm getting them. Could they be caused by this add-on (doing something Google doesn't like)?
  • Terrific extension. Easy to use and works.
  • Excellent Addon.