3.075 Bewertungen
  • Does the job exceedingly well!
  • Much like uMatrix, it takes a bit of effort to get the sites you use working how you want, but after that it's smooth sailing. I was using uMatrix for a while, but am now trying out NoScript and am really liking it. The UI could be a little bit easier to use but otherwise, it works as it says it does.
  • Great app
  • The userinterface sucks and I have removed NC from a lot of installations. I have used NC from the beginning and always loved it, but now the UI in windows and Linux are simplified for the average users and give me poor control. I recommend you to also make a pro interface for the advanced users.
  • Really love NoScript. Instead of having 15 malicious scripts running in the background while browsing, I can now see what they are and, of course, block them. Very much appreciated add-on.
  • Hope you all enjoy and donate some money I have access to none right know and it's everywhere very frustrating thanks
  • pages no longer load since latest update. I've tried removing and reinstalling but still prevents pages opening, just a blank screen. It's a shame because it's worked perfectly before the update
  • A great extension, but unfortunately, more and more websites depend javascript... alas