2.867 Bewertungen
  • Doesn't work on android.
  • Super great Addon! Thank you very much Giorgio! Just donated 5 bugs!
  • Leistet sehr gute Arbeit. Allerdings ist es sehr schwer die Skripte zu identifizieren, die man bedenkenlos ausführen lassen kann. Und manchmal geht selbst dann nichts, wenn man im Reiter alle Skripte erlaubt.
  • A must for browsing the WHOLE internet. Only the URLs you allow can run scripts. Contains tools for URL verification, and options for streamlining the process if you wish. Don't go browsing without it!
  • This app has saved me so much trouble! I've used this app for more years than I can remember and it has never failed me.
  • Дополнение блокирует все неразрешённые JavaScript'ы, а значит сёрфить Интернет становится безопасней.
    Плюс отключённые скрипты не загружают систему.
    Простое и хорошее дополнение.
  • I have been using this add-on for years and absolutely cannot browse the internet without it. It also pairs will with ad block plus. Fantastic add-on that I recommend to everyone I know and same for everyone else. The only con imo is the learning curve of what to unblock and what to keep blocked, but you easily start seeing the patterns and DNs and they get remember universally on default.