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  • Please add back Traditional Chinese.

  • How to remove the excess sites from the "Per-site permissions"?

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    Just set them to DEFAULT. Next time you open the options they're gonoe for good.

  • Most recent iteration is a bit confusing to use for the layuser, as it now has more options for how to block the script, but I honestly thing this is the single most important add-on I have ever downloaded. Pretty much the best preemptive security measure one can have on a computer, I wholeheartedly recommend NoScript.

  • ...finalmente inizia ad essere più stabile e funzionale (anche se con tante tab e qualche condizione che, non ho ancora capito, a volte "salta"...cioè come se fossi in una pagina "nulla"...non vede siti non vede nulla... nonchè chiuso, e poi uno apre nel caso... come quello di UNA VOLTA <3

  • Worth every second it takes to configure, just be patient! Dowload it just to SEE all the JS that runs through your browser, without restricting anything. It may open your eyes a little :)

  • Nice.

  • mProbably one of the Moat reliable, unreplaceable, and in an olmosz life-saving way useful AddOns known to me. And I used to know MOSAIC back in the good old days when bits were made from... GET OFF MY LAWN! You commun...


  • Most important addon! Now works good in FF Quantum!

  • Защищает от всех чек скриптов.

  • Polecam korzystać z tego dodatku ponieważ można bezpiecznie przeglądać strony internetowe.

  • The extension is a must have, 5 stars easily, a wonderful plugin. Congrats.

    But I'd make a suggestion:
    Older versions has no need to click on icon. Just hover the mouse over the icon and I got access to panel with trust/untrust scripts. And, if I toggled state, the page was refreshed automaticaly. And panel had vanished.
    With current version, I need to click on the icon, I need to click on refresh button and I need to click to close panel...
    Three clicks that older versions did not required.

    So, I'd ask to go back to older versions behaviour, that requires less click.


  • Evolução fantástica desta extensão. Firefox duplicou velocidade e estabilidade assim como segurança. Facilidade de uso e informações dos scripts merecem nota máxima.

  • Many thanks for your great work ;-) A must have !!!

  • Wish I could increase the font size of the pop-up! On my 4K monitor I can barely read the text!!

    Been using noscript on firefox for many years... its a must have!

  • The default settings allow the web pages too much. And the default "trust" list is a nice idea but should be optional.

  • I used to be a big fan of this app. Every new computer had Firefox and NoScript, but the big update broke it. Now it's better to leave it disabled because it breaks the sites I go to most (try using NewXkit on tumblr, it breaks it BAD) and needs far more fiddling than the previous version. UI is confusing, it goes overkill even when you tell it not to (and yes I did use Temporary Allow All and Disable All Restrictions for this Tab, didn't work) and it's not worth the headache, from personal opinion. Old version was far more friendly and easier to work with.

  • Probably the best and most useful browser Addon. Love it!

  • Does exactly what it says it's going to do. It can be a little frustrating at first, having to set permissions for web pages you visit often, but you will be amazed when you see the lists of scripts running in the background that you may not have even known were there.

  • Awesome :)

  • Gibt es NoScript auch in deutscher Sprache? Vielleicht gibt es ja auch eine deutsche Sprachdatei ? Danke.

  • Funciona correctamente

  • I've been using NoScript since at least 6 years ago, when I first heard about it on the "Security Now!" podcast, and don't browse without it! Sure, it's definitely annoying at times but you pay for additional security by sacrificing some personal convenience. A worthwhile trade, in my opinion.

  • Возможности гибкой настройки, блокировки ненужных сайтов. Понятный интерфейс

  • Très difficile à utiliser. Une extension d'experts