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  • Does not work anymore inside Iframes.. (Firefox 71)
  • Man, I love this thing. I so used to such functionality in IDEs that I added it to browser too. And now moving from chrome to firefox, this was the first extension I searched ( even before adblock). Your version does the job flawlessly and has good enough customisation
  • Worked up to the point of actually trying to highlight multiple words/sentences. Out of all the colors I had customized for myself only 3 worked. Then it started "crashing" and wouldn't highlight at all.
  • Straight-up does not work at all.
    If something is not working for you, please check my contact page to explain it and I will try to troubleshoot your issue.
  • just doesnt work!.. i dont know why.. no icon the find is the same no change
    You shouldn't expect to find an icon or to see a difference in the way the search is being performed. HighlightAll does not feature any icon and is not integrated with Firefox's search. It is simply triggered by a text selection. Also make sure that it is enabled in the extension's options.
  • Useful and easy to use.
  • Great tool I used
  • I have been liking HighlightAll in the past, BUT ,recently it has been interfering with my efforts to copy. When I try to clear the hight light, I can't copy. Is there a fix for this? I just disabled it and am waiting for a solution.
  • Comprends plus, auparavant (je reviens tester cet addon après quelques années) suffisait d'écrire dans google search les mots clés pour ensuite trouver toutes les occurences dans les articles, textes, etc, sans avoir à faire une seule manip, là c'est devenu une usine à gaz, et impossible de trouver un autre addon qui fasse le taf simplement.
  • I installed the extension mostly for search markers, but they are displayed only in custom mode which makes the current tab freeze. This will also happen even in native mode when an option to display the number of occurences of the selected text is enabled.
    However a selected text will be highlighted quickly.
  • Does exactly what I need, but it is a pain to use it. Highlighting is extremely slow – it takes several seconds. The animation for color selection box is annoyingly long and also currently broken (it disappears).
    It is not supposed to be so slow.
    Don't hesitate to post details on your configuration on my contact form : http://jgoudey.free.fr/highlightall/contact.php5
    I will try to help you.
  • This add-on made paper reading so easy for me!!
  • So far so good. I was looking for just the basic feature, but I found the multiple-word custom highlight feature even more useful!

    I'd like word selection to activate the standard highlighting even when using custom colours (i.e. I select the word -> it highlights all instances with native colour + it shows the custom colours popup)

    Custom highlights can be deactivated through the right-click menu. However I think it would be better to have a blank X button next to the other colours.
  • Merci au dev pour cette indispensable extension
  • Excellent Addon. Thank You.
    One bug though. When the selected text has open and close brackets (...), the selection goes away, only the highlight remains. Pressing Ctrl-C after that copies no text.
    Another problem- It does not work on simple text files. It also does not work on the mozilla addons site.

    Edit- After few days of use I found it is full of bugs.
    Thanks for the review.
    The mozilla addons site does not allow web extensions to interact with its content.
    You can email me from my contact form to explain the other issues you found: http://jgoudey.free.fr/highlightall/contact.php5
  • Didnt seem to work at all. Im on windows using firefox 65.0.2 (64-bit). I wanted to see highlighting in the scrollbar but did not.
    You need to select some text to get occurrences highlighted. It is not linked to the find feature. If you have any other issue, please get in touch with me using the contact form http://jgoudey.free.fr/highlightall/contact.php5