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  • Far better than Easy Screenshot! With this there is no popup etc on the page image. You just get what you actually see. Awesome! Thank you developer
  • The first webpage screenshot I try that really works! Great add-on!
  • you made my work life easier
    thanks a lot
  • Great: This also works with https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/yawas-web-and-pdf-highlighter.
  • I was using Screenshot till I upgraded to latest Firefox. This add on is excellent I can save to PDF if need be or .png. among other features. Big times saver.
  • very nice
  • better than all full page screen downloaders for firefox. but not better than chrome's full page downloader extension. chromes automatically breaks into separate pdfs. for some reason it does it better than this extension.sometimes this extension just quits or crashes or blurs..especially if you want to copy really long webpages like reddit.
  • Excelente! Captura ventanas y paneles con scroll perfectamente.
  • Excelente e gratuito!
  • Love this add on...saves a lot of work.