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  • Very satisfied with this extension, many problematic printscreens saved (specially in case Firefox print preview is just a mess).
  • I've been using Fireshot for many years now exclusively on the windows platform. But due to the changes MS has made with their current Ver. 10 release, I abandoned this platform and moved to the Unix-Mac platform. as a Screenshot Pro user from Windows, I've had to absorb a seriously neutered (reduced functionality, non pro, very lite shadow of its former self) OUCH! This really hurts! Especially now that I've discovered that Intel based Unix-Mac computers absolutely blows away ANY windows based computer! There's just no comparison! With 25 years on the windows platform! (Engineering & software development).
    Screenshot developers: PORT your fantastic Screenshot & Pro application to the Mac-Unix platform before you loose access to it. It won't be long before another entrepreneur provides a very competitive (design wise) alternative for your windows only version.
    RLS orlando.
  • Très bonne Application.
    Excellent .
  • عالی
  • There would have been a fifth star if I could configure Fireshot to just save an image without any dialogue when I hit the hotkey.
  • Simple app, does what it should do and does it very well.
  • I have been looking for this feature for a long time. I use it DAILY to take snapshots of full web pages and emails. I highly recommend.
  • Works like a charm.
  • Head and shoulders above any other page capturing add-on I've used-highly recommended.