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  • 截图长度超过8192像素截图就不正常了
  • Fantastic tool, easy and solid. I can finally have an archive.
  • Firefox now has built in full page screenshots with some admittedly slick features, but Fireshot is still the best and most reliable way, which is what matters most for screenshots, and speaks volumes about the high quality and high value of this plugin! Thank you susbox!
  • I've been using this extension for quite a few years now and always found it very good. It helps that it updates with the various Firefox updates so tends to retain compatibility.

    It's intuitive to use and does exactly what I need it to.
  • Easy to use, and dependable. I've been using it in Firefox and Chrome for a while now.
  • C'est hyper pratique et très efficace
  • very good
    but don't save full page in some sites
    fore example: digikala.com
    خیلی برنامه‌ی خوبیست
  • I won't lie - there have been bumps along the way - which is why I've tried other screenshot apps - all of which have led me back to Fireshot, because it still outperforms 'em all.
  • It's an excellent extension. It is inconceivable that such a quality application is distributed free of charge.