1.273 Bewertungen
  • Made taking a long, whole-page, screenshot a matter of two seconds. THANK YOU.
  • Incredibly useful. I use this every single day. It is indispensible.
  • This app makes work much more efficient when trying to capture web screenshots for presentations. Best one I've used.
  • I love it! I made a PDF copy of every online purchase with FireShot. It has come in very handy when there is a dispute. I have already used FireShot images to prove free shipping when Amazon vendor wanted to charge me. And being overcharged for 3 items when I ordered them at a lower price.
    Excellent way to save important screen shots!
  • FireShot has been working flawlessly and we can only recommend it. The only suggestion for improvement that comes to mind is the ability to increase the definition of the screenshot.
  • I've been using the FireShot free version for a while, and am very pleased with it overall. Lately, it has been locking up. Had to reinstall a couple times, and then fine.

    That being said.... Excellent Program.

    Thanks a Bunch!
  • It's a very good extensions
  • Use it more and more often...working just fine.