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  • use it CONSTANTLY as a web designer
  • simple and effective!
  • It is very convenient because you delete the cache and update the page by clicking the icon.
    There are also requests, there are times when the notification that appears after icon clicking is in the way. I want you to be able to hide this.

    Also, I confirmed that the Empty Cache Button icon will disappear from the combination of Firefox 55.0.3(x64) and Empty Cache Button 3.4.
    It will be displayed when you return to the previous version.
    You can hide the notification by unchecking the box in options dialog. Or did you mean something else?

    Regarding the 3.4 version, we had some problems with version limit just the other day (check latest reviews). Maybe that was the issue. If it persists, I will have a look.

  • Version 3.4.
    This add-on could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt.
    I have Firefox 52.5 ESR.

    looking in version history page, Version 3.4 works with Firefox 48.0 and above.
    looking in "mvm" page, version 3.4 works only with firefox 57+.

    I think that the problem is only a wrong information.
    Weird. Does version 3.3 install normally?


    Oh, now I see. To be honest I have no idea why AMO put version 48.0 as a limit version. It's supposed to be 53.0+.

    Thanks for bringing the ESR version to my attention, will find out more and make a decision.
  • This add-on could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt
    This is a Firefox issue, see this for more info:

  • Simple and great addon!

    Suggestion: when you mouse move on the button, you could show the amount of current cache, before erase it.
  • Not a single con.
  • One of the best extensions for Fox. Simple and useful!
  • Great, fancy writing one for Safari?

    Though I do agree with the automatic popup clearing feature.
    I keep this addon going mostly because I use it. Since I don't use Safari, I don't think it will happen, but you never know.

    Popup timer is planned and will be available relatively soon.

    Thank you
  • Great but stopped working in earlier version for example not working in 53.4 please fix as many users still using ESR
  • Gracias por el exelente trabajo, muy buena herramienta y fundamental para usuarios y mucho mas para desarrolladores.
    le felicito.
  • I've been using this addon for a while now and it works great. I have it set to show when it has been successful, but I would like it if it had a setting to close the success popup after X amount of time.
  • Seems working perfectly..
    I use it to refresh my page after Userstyles / CSS test.

    When i open its options with the Addon "Extension Options Menu" (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/extension-options-menu/)
    , it provide a popup (and don't go to the official Option page ).
    And if i change something in this popup , it don't remember my choice.

    With the legal options page it's OK.
  • Works great!
  • Works as well as possible !
  • Works perfectly, has the minimal options we can expect from such an addon. Thanks!
  • Perfect -- I moved it back to the location bar, and it's fine now.

    Sorry I can't figure out how to add my comment in the original thread.

    Thanks for the update!
  • Works perfectly. This addon is indispensable.
  • Everything is works now great again. An option to choose a custom Key for reloading + cache deleting at the same time would be nice!
  • Bring back the older version that had a setting to not display a completed dialog box that hangs on the screen endlessly. Nice app though.
    Version 3.2 which includes the options dialog has been submitted and is now pending approval from Mozilla. It should appear soon.
  • I think version 3.1 is one of those accidental releases that need to be fixed (ie: reverted to how it used to be). Downgrading for now:

    (My main problem with this release is the icon is too darned large. It takes up waaaaay too much real-estate.)
    Version 3.2 which includes the options dialog and icons fix has been submitted and is now pending approval from Mozilla. It should appear soon.