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  • This used to be my "secret weapon" for deleting the cache that I'd tell everyone about, especially Safari and Chrome users. But now there are no prefs and no more page refresh. What's going on?
    Version 3.2 which includes the options dialog has been submitted and is now pending approval from Mozilla. It should appear soon.
  • The icon is now ridiculously huge. It takes up two rows. Otherwise a great and useful app.
    Version 3.2 which includes the options dialog and icon fix has been submitted and is now pending approval from Mozilla. It should appear soon.
  • I use to love this add-on. I appreciate the update but why the hell would you remove the page reload from the options. You guys forced me to uninstall it and start using Clear Cache https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/clearcache/reviews/?src=api
    Version 3.2 which includes the options dialog has been submitted and is now pending approval from Mozilla. It should appear soon.
  • Used to be a perfect addon when it refreshed the page when clicked, doesn't seem to do that anymore though, need a replacement.
    This feature is coming back soon.
  • Because my Firefox says this add-on is corrupted, so I had to install older version. The older version works very well, so I hope newer version may be so.
    Many users have this issue with WebExtensions, I'm not sure what's the problem, I think it has something to do with addon signing and I hear Mozilla is working on it.

    You can set "xpinstall.signatures.required" in config to false as a quick workaround, or wait until it's resolved.
  • No additional options

    No notifications
    No keyboard shortcut ,i like to press dem buttons using my mouse

    Edited review & fixed:
    Thanks for replying , though i was referring the no notifications options were missing in the new version , the "review" that was replied to was incomplete
    All functions work ,notifications and the kb shortcut included ,as said earlier i would like to customize if i want to have kb or notifications enabled :)
    Glad to hear that it will be updated to have the options once again
    Hi, the latest version is rewritten in the new WebExtensions api, some of the features are not yet implemented.

    But notifications should be working, as should the keyboard shortcut F9.
  • Add-on hasn't been updated to support multiprocess which causes the entire Firefox multiprocess feature to be disabled if add-on gets enabled.
    Hello, this issue should now be resolved with 3.1.
  • Excellent and easy extension. I hope the developer will rewrite in new API (WebExtensions).
    The WebExtensions version is here, enjoy it.
  • easy to using
  • Nice Add-on but I would like to use another FKey, I have already an Add-on using the F9 key
    Custom shortcut key is planned, hope it goes through.
  • Why can't I use this on ios? It works greatly on my Macbook.
  • Despite the claim made by the author, this is not a WebExtension. I can't understand why the author would make the claim in the first place; installing any version hosted by AMO will cause Firefox to tell you that a restart is required for the extension to work.

    Also, no uploads have taken place since 2014, before the Firefox WebExtensions API was available.

    And, finally, there is no contact information for the developer; no addon homepage; no bug report form; and no other way to communicate with the developer to ask her/him what's going on.

    I wouldn't consider installing this extension until:

    a) The developer lists a support site or other support / contact information, and;

    b) Either retracts the WebExtension claim or provides a completely rewritten version of the addon that actually supports the claim made.

    the WebExtensions version (3.0) was available for a short time but it caused issues in terms of not being able to revert back, so I removed it until I decide what to do at this point.

    Here's a screenshot of the whole process log:

    I have uploaded the entire 3.0 source for you, if you would like to try it out:

    In short, the whole process of migration to WebExtensions was kind of painful, and it's mostly because of AMO.

    I have not yet decided what to do, so it's stagnating at this point. I am leaning towards starting a new extension for the WebExtensions branch, feel free to suggest something better.

    As for the support, this project is a hobby project and I do not provide any support outside of reviews on this page, and as you see, it works.

    Thanks for input.
  • It's great and do what is suppose to do, but after that I'm unable to close the browser. It looses the focus, but not exiting. I have to wait for some time when that would be possible.
  • It appears to work, but after using it to "clear everything" and then open a new tab and going to a site where I was previously logged-in before "clearing everything", I find I am *still* logged in. So, at least cached passwords are not being cleared -- which is probably the most important thing one can do with a tool like this.

    Also, it would be nice if the "success" notification disappeared all by itself after 15 or 20 seconds.
    Cache has nothing to do with you being logged in, what you're looking for is clearing cookies. And I have no control over notification time, blame Firefox.
  • It does what it says; and it also allows to refresh the current page on clicking the button, which is great because it makes the whole process still faster.
  • 'All the goodies will in next release!'....said the dev many moons ago.
  • Program works, but the icon disappeared. Have reinstalled, but still no icon.
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  • This a excellent addon! No need to visit about:config if I want to clean my cache. Also, lately I had to press the Clean Now button multiple times in Firefox and it would only empty a few MB at a time. With Empty Cache Button this trouble is gone. Thank you :-)
  • I experienced some issues when developing wordpress based websites, specially for what is on visual editors like Visual Composer. Which is solved by deleting the cache. So this addon does the work in a single click. Thank you for sharing.
  • This a awesome plugin! Now I don't need to visit about:config if I want to clean my cache. It even cleans the extra image cache which firefox does not clean by default
  • doesn't work
  • Прекрасная идея и работа. Самое главное - всё быстро и просто! Большое спасибо!
    Great idea and work. Most importantly, everything is fast and easy! Thank you very much!
  • Nice helpful tool
  • Simple and practical.