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  • I use this constantly. Be it a web dev or netadmin, Firefox aggressively caches and can make you crazy as you develop content or have a lot of DNS changes. This makes it so easy to just get things working again.
  • Must have for Webdesigners. Thank you!
  • Кеш чистит и на андроид и обновы быстрые молодцы
  • Great extension!
  • Was a great plugin that saved me lots of mouse clicks throughout my day, but unfortunately it hasn't been working lately.
    It works as expected on 62.0, you must be having some other issues.
  • (1) very nice add-on and (2) special thanks for NOT selling your extension.
  • It has now twice been somehow corrupted and made Firefox unstable. The problems would stop teh minute I disabled the button
  • If it isn't there, the likes of Facebook and others cannot track you through the cache at least
  • very light & simple
  • use it CONSTANTLY as a web designer
  • simple and effective!
  • It is very convenient because you delete the cache and update the page by clicking the icon.
    There are also requests, there are times when the notification that appears after icon clicking is in the way. I want you to be able to hide this.

    Also, I confirmed that the Empty Cache Button icon will disappear from the combination of Firefox 55.0.3(x64) and Empty Cache Button 3.4.
    It will be displayed when you return to the previous version.
    You can hide the notification by unchecking the box in options dialog. Or did you mean something else?

    Regarding the 3.4 version, we had some problems with version limit just the other day (check latest reviews). Maybe that was the issue. If it persists, I will have a look.

  • Version 3.4.
    This add-on could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt.
    I have Firefox 52.5 ESR.

    looking in version history page, Version 3.4 works with Firefox 48.0 and above.
    looking in "mvm" page, version 3.4 works only with firefox 57+.

    I think that the problem is only a wrong information.
    Weird. Does version 3.3 install normally?


    Oh, now I see. To be honest I have no idea why AMO put version 48.0 as a limit version. It's supposed to be 53.0+.

    Thanks for bringing the ESR version to my attention, will find out more and make a decision.