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AddressBook in Tab Vyžaduje restart

Adds a button that can be put in toolbars which opens the addressbook in a new tab like pastismans AddressBookTab

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Simple Locale Switcher Vyžaduje restart

An easier management of the user interface language

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lightningWeather Vyžaduje restart

LightningWeather shows the weather forecast in the background of the calendar so you can easily coordinate your activities with the weather.

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Send Later Button Vyžaduje restart

A simple button to invoke the (already existing) send later functions.

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Disable DragAndDrop (Thunderbird) Vyžaduje restart

A Thunderbird extension which disables drag and drop in the folder pane.
This extension prevents unintended folder movement.

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Keep in Taskbar Vyžaduje restart

A simple plugin that makes the Close button behave exactly like the Minimize one.

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Lightning Reminder Left Buttons Vyžaduje restart

Tired to mistakenly press that "Dismiss All" button? Move the Lightining Reminder "Snooze all for" and "Dismiss All" buttons to the LEFT!
... and from version 2.0 you can keep them on the RIGHT, but swapped!

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Lightning Colors Reminder Vyžaduje restart

Let's show the calendar color on Lightning reminders!

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No Small Text

Set a minimum text size for all web content. Use the toolbar button to switch it on and off. NEW: Three preset sizes. NEW: Use mouse scroll on the toolbar button.

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Menu Wizard Vyžaduje restart

Customize menus : Helps removing, moving and renaming menus and menu items
Colorize important menu for ease of use! (use Style (CSS))
Change or disable any of used keyboard shortcuts
Support: Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

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Old-style smilies Vyžaduje restart

Reverts the smilies in Thunderbird to those of version 2.

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This add-on offers ui tweaks to improve Thunderbirds appearance (squared tabs, custom tab height, alternative Add-on Manager appearance, compact main toolbars and more). v2.0.5+ for Tb52-61+

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SanRockstar Vyžaduje restart


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ToggleFullHeaders Vyžaduje restart

Allows you to customise the message panel buttons to add a "Toggle Headers" button that will switch between showing and hiding the full headers.

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Path Linker Vyžaduje restart


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Contact DnD Vyžaduje restart

Enables one to assign a photo to a contact by dragging and dropping it from the local filesystem.

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Large Fonts Vyžaduje restart

This add-on enables you to change the font size of the plain text editor of Thunderbird.

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Send to Internals Vyžaduje restart


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Sort and Search Customization Dialogs Vyžaduje restart

Sort and search for buttons in (any) toolbar customization dialog

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UI Text Overrider

Provides ability to override UI elements' label, tooltip text, etc.

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