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about:config Button Nevyžaduje restart

Open about:config to change hidden settings that cannot be edited from the Options window. All Mozilla based programs have settings that can not be changed in the options window.

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Add-ons Manager - Version Number Nevyžaduje restart

Restores add-on version number inside Add-on Manager for latest builds of Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey.

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Address Widget Lines

Address Widget Lines provides the ability to select the number of address lines to display in the message compose window.

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All Menus Button Nevyžaduje restart

Show all the menus in a single menu button that can be placed anywhere. Also contains replacement buttons for the default menus.

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Auto Zoomer

Keep a preset zoom level across thunderbird restarts.
Usefull on High DPI screens.

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Before Tabs Toolbar

Adds a toolbar before the tabs.

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Big Navigation Nevyžaduje restart

Increases the navigation links on the pages

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Chat Notifier with Pop-Ups

Allows to be notified when you receive chat message in Thunderbird.

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Close last tab with middle-click Nevyžaduje restart


Tired of middle-clicking on the last tab in Thunderbird, only to have nothing happen? This add-on embraces the industry-standard middle-click behavior of IE, Chrome, and Firefox (3.6- and 31+).

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Collapsed Unread

Shows unread email count for collapsed folders even if the unread mails are in subfolders.

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Color Folders

Color your Folder Treeview Icons!

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Color Transform Nevyžaduje restart

Adapt page colors to your taste or need. Save your favorite color scheme for automatic coloration. Comes with 18 predefined themes and 24 basic transforms for hue, saturation, lightness and opacity. For Firefox 24.0 and above.

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Colorific. Nevyžaduje restart

Colorize entire web pages manually or automatically. With 28 customizable themes that transform hue, saturation, lightness and opacity. For Firefox 28.0 and above. NEW: Copy themes and group color properties using drag-and-drop.

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Column Reader Nevyžaduje restart

Web reader for wide screens and long documents. Read with pleasure in one of many attractive layouts. NEW: Integrated image viewer with pan and zoom + Choice of replacement font. For Firefox 24.0 and newer.

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Adds some magic to the folder list columns!
With this addon you can:
* Add a custom column
* Set the default columns settings for any new folder.
* Show hidden columns in the Conversation Tab and in the search window.

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Customizable LDAP AddressBook Auto Complete

Provides (restores) customizability of auto complete items for LDAP addressbook items, and more features.

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Date on Thunderbird

在thunderbird statusbar显示年月日

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Disable about:config

Disable about:config feature of Firefox and Thunderbird.

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Disable Addons

Disable Addons.

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Displays stock market indices in the status bar.
Delay of updates on option (default : every 10 mn) or on click.
Right-clic to choose your indice and to see the other ones.

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