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Good, but active download count is not really useful.I think it would be more useful (and consistent with Firefox 20's design) to use the counter to show the remaining time (Just like the download button in Firefox 20). Unity counters can show letters as well as numbers so it wouldn't be much problem to make the launcher button behave the same as the download button currently does.

Edit: Ok, since the developer is doing the best that is technically possible, I raised score to 5. Always grateful for the progress bar.

Video DownloadHelper

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Some sites are prohibitive and annoying, but it was always possible to download videos from them so you can watch them online and people with slow connections simply cannot follow the current standards of distributing videos by streaming.

DownloadHelper provides a solution for this problem, it is easy to use, doesn't require any external site. Comes with a guide to find video sites and, most importantly, it does the job correctly.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (2.4.2). 


Doesn't work, use Download Helper Nehodnoceno

This does not work anymore and does not look like it will get updated at all, I just found download helper it does the job in a better way anyways. This video downloader extension requires an external site apparently and this site might have technical problems which is a bottle neck that should not be necessary.