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Does what it says. Could be better if merged into gTranslator and if it included the language being translated from before the text.

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Supports HTTPS pages. Utilizes inline translation. It could be better if it also allowed translations of highlighted text, a la gTranslate, and if it displayed which languages are being translated from.


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No HTTPS support.

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Google Translator for Firefox

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Doesn't support HTTPS translation. Doesn't use inline translation.

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BlockSite Plus

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Blocks DNS queries, redirects, in-page content, and searches, but has an infinite unstoppable page load when trying to search a banned term from within a search engine (tested on Google). Needs an icon for faster access. When blocking pages that refresh content, there should be an option to disable multiple messages for the same site. Perhaps add a quick option to whitelist or blacklist a page after going to it that doesn't require copy/paste (like clicking on an icon and choosing blacklist or whitelist, perhaps based on the what BlockSite Plus is currently being used as). Overall a good extension that could use some work.

URL Tooltip

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An essential add-on for efficient browsing that appears to be abandoned. Fix for "null" showing up when hovering over a link that doesn't have a title in newer versions of Firefox:

1. Right click on "+ Add to Firefox" and select "Save Link As..."

2. Save the .xpi file

3. Change the .xpi extension to .zip

4. Extract the zip

5. "url_tooltip-1.2.1-fx" -> "chrome" -> "url-tooltip" -> "content"

6. In "content," double-click "browser.xbl"

7. Click the radio button for "Select a program from a list of installed programs"

8. Click "OK"

9. Select Notepad

10. Click "OK"

11. "Ctrl f"

12. Find "null"

13. Replace all instances of "null" with quotes like this: ""

14. Save and close

15. Select all the folders in "url_tooltip-1.2.1-fx"

16. Right click on one of them

17. "Send to" -> "Compressed (zipped) folder"

18. Change ".zip" extension to ".xpi"

19. Drag new .xpi file onto your Firefox

20. Click "Install Now"

21. Restart Firefox

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Google by Image Restartless

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Another way to fix SSL functionality is just to change to because Google supports encryption for regular Google URL's and not the subdomain. (Links are redirected to SSL normally for those who choose to use it, otherwise HTTP is used in my proposed fix). Tested this myself with your add-on and it works, although it is slower than just using SSL by default. Cheers.

Edit: Or those of you who use SSL with this extension could just change your redirection rules... (* to* )

Edit 2: You (developer) could always make a separate extension for HTTPS and avoid all of this hassle.

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