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A stylized clock add-on for the status bar with a variety of display options, including flip clock, nixie clock, LED clock, and LCD clock.

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Big Clock Background

Shows a picture in the background and a clock in the foreground when you open a new tab. It can be a picture from your computer or you can keep it random from our server.

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Eccellio Arts - Search Engine

Eccellio Arts is the newcomer in the Eccellio family. Eccellio Arts helps you find everything about the charming world of Arts, like Antiques, Crafts, Design, Digital Art, Performing Arts, Photography, Writing and so on. Enjoy Eccellio Arts!

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Best Buy Canada Search

Search Best Buy Canada\'s official website.

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Price Grabber Search

Search the Price grabber website to compare prices.

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NCIX Search

Search NCIX's original Canadian website.

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