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SpamBlocker Nevyžaduje restart

Block spammers (or anyone) with 1 click.

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Report easily web sites using spamdexing methods to artificially improve their ranking through simplified access to Google's SpamReport service (http://www.google.com/contact/spamreport.html)...

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Sparkbox Websnap

Batch image snap feature to collect all visible image resources from the webpage to Sparkbox.

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SpeedView Nevyžaduje restart

Quickly view all external JavaScript and CSS files on the current page.

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Spell Checker

Checks the (whole) web page (and not the text inside edit box) for spelling mistakes and highlights it.

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Adds additional spell-checking functionality to Firefox.

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Dieses AddOn ermöglicht es, die Firefox-Rechtschreibprüfung auf eine ganze Seite anzuwenden. Dies passiert dadurch, dass contentEditable auf 'true' gesetzt wird. (In der Statuszeile erscheint ein "SpellCheck"-Button)

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SpiderZilla permet de télécharger des sites web complets.

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Spoof FxOS Nevyžaduje restart

This add-on makes Firefox on Android send the Firefox OS User-Agent, and disables Flash, to make it simpler to test on Android how a site is likely to work in Firefox OS. A full emulation is not possible, especially for video and performance issues.

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Spreadsheet Calculator Nevyžaduje restart

This calculator works like an adding machine with a tape. Very easy to estimate and budget.The Spreadsheet Calculator will save you time because you don't have re key your entries when totaling long columns.Try it you'll like it. User friendly.

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SproutCore PathPicker

Allows you to hover over elements in a SproutCore Application and click to get their property path...

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SQL Cardfile

A simple card file database using SQLite as the backend.

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SQL Inject Me

SQL Injection vulnerabilites can cause a lot of damage to a web application. A malicious user can possibly view records, delete records, drop tables or gain access to your server. SQL Inject-Me is Firefox Extension used to test for SQL Injection vuln...

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SQL Injection

SQL Injection is an Upgrade from the old form free, it is a component to transform checkboxes, radio buttons, select elements to a input text and enable disabled elements from all forms in a page.
It makes easier to test and identify SQL injection vu...

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SQLite Manager

Manage any SQLite database on your computer.

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A simple add-on to provide a modal dialog when the user clicks on a password input field that will transmit insecurely over a non-HTTPS connection. Designed to offer some protection against Man-In-The-Middle attacks like SSL Strip.

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SSO Tracer

A debugger for SSO by filtering HTML requests, flagging authentication messages and displaying SAML messages.

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Search Through Address Bar...

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Stacked Inspector

Switch DOM Inspector to an over/under vertical layout instead of the usual side-by-side panel layout.

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