AutoPager Fixed

AutoPager Fixed is a working version of AutoPager extension for Firefox 36+ (non-E10s mode) to autoload the next page(s) when you scroll pages.


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Send To Kindle by Sabarish VS Nevyžaduje restart

Enables you to send HTML documents to your kindle.

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APK Downloader Nevyžaduje restart

Download APK from Google Play Store (Android Market)

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Print Preview Button and Keyboard Shortcut

Adds a "Print Preview" button to the customize toolbar in Firefox.
Binds the Ctrl+Alt-Shift+P keyboard shortcut to Print Preview.

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GPO support For Firefox and Thunderbird Nevyžaduje restart

Firefox and Thunderbird extension to manage user preferences and user profile CA certificates using GPOs

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Mouse Gestures Suite

Mouse gestures for SeaMonkey & Firefox: navigate & execute commands using mouse gestures (with single mouse button) and rocker gestures (by pressing 2 mouse buttons). Also: scroll wheel navigation, page scrolling, tab scrolling.

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Display today date in Iranian calendar in the status bar...

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Siphon - Add-on Synchronizer

Keep your favorite Extensions synced with all your computers.

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View in Office Online Viewer Nevyžaduje restart

View online Microsoft Office documents in Microsoft Office Online Viewer
*note: can't be used to view documents on user's local drives.

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Show Location

Show the server location of the current page.

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This extension allows you to use print for the page you are browsing straight from the context menu. It uses the original Firefox commands similar to the ones in the file menu, not the javascript window.print(). Now offers multi-locale support...

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URL Logger

Log location changes to logfile on filesystem. Also keeps a logfile updated with active tab location and another file with locations of all tabs.

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Idderall Nevyžaduje restart

A tool to keep you off distracting websites when you really need to get something done. Follow on twitter for news and updates #Idderall

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YouTube Embed2Link Nevyžaduje restart

This addon converts embeded videos into links to the video on YouTube. Great for mobile deivces so you can watch the video in the YouTube app.

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Local Filesystem Links Nevyžaduje restart

Scans for local file system URIs (file:///) on any page. Click on the added icon to open the local link with the system's file explorer (e. g. Windows Explorer). Alternatively select any text like the path "C:\tmp\cow 1.txt" and use the context menu.

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GoToMeeting Extension for Google Calendar Nevyžaduje restart

Easily schedule GoToMeeting sessions directly from your Google Calendar.

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Kult slunce

Zobrazí čas východu a západu slunce a měsíce

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Restart My Fox

Adds to appMenu (Legacy) or ToolsMenu or Tool-bar, The Restart Browser menu item or Button that allows users to easily restart the web browser without losing current open pages.

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Calculator has an interface similar to Microsoft Powertoy Calculator and it offers great features like history, conversions, many functions... And it's a great open source replacement to the calculator included in Windows accessories!

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This addon is a fork of the original Greasefire addon. I've updated the addon to use userscripts-mirror.org.
This addon is an addition to Greasemonkey that informs you, when there is a userscript available for this page.

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