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the new interface is ugly and difficult to understand.. the DownThemAll integration have disappeared... the fonts are too big.. the ui colors doesn't integrate properly with themes such as FT DeepDark.. the UI translations are obviously made with google translate. but all in all i think that most of the bad reviews lately are from people that didn't spend 10 minutes to figure out how the new version works

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I've been using Video DownloadHelper for around 18 months; and the latest update (March 2015) shows a vast increase in the range of options and in the ability to trawl a wide range of sites. For resuming an interrupted download (common for me because of unreliable internet coverage in my very rural area) I find iSkysoft YouTube Studio better; but that's a programme independent of the browser, and has not the range of options that this Mozilla one does. In my experience Video DownloadHelper is the strongest tool available for my purposes, and is very reliable. Really good! (I've donated, and will do so again.)

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Nutzlos, es funktioniert unter YouTube nicht!

If you think VDH does not work on YouTube any more, you'd better say so in the support forum http://www.downloadhelper.net/support.php

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... but I also dislike a lot of the new interface and functions.
What would be really helpful would be a mode where VDH just works *on demand* on a page, like prutzer proposed. I don't have the slightest need for any background activity.

(Also, the options are incomprehensible and the language of the plugin not selectable... What the heck is "Netzwerksonde"?)

The language of the add-on is chosen by Firefox not by the add-on itself.
A *on demand* per page mode is only possible on YouTube and Dailymotion. For other sites, the addon must monitor the network activity to know what page/tab it was initiated from.

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I have always loved this add-on. But currently, I can't even use it at all. I don't even see the icon anywhere on my window. when i try to find it under customize, i dont see it there either.

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I've been using this addon for a very long time. Always loved it.
Then today it stopped working for me on youtube. All I have is the ADP file as an option now, with the giant logo in the corner.
So basically I uninstalled it since it's useless to me now, all I used it for was youtube. A sad day indeed.

This is a change in YouTube, not in our add-on. Anyway, we could find a fix for this and the new 5.4.0 release (waiting for approval at Mozilla) corrects the issue. Please give it a try and update your review. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-downloadhelper/versions/

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As many users here, I had been having troubles with my Firefox. For a long time it had been crashing without reason. I even formatted my PC hoping that would solve the problem, but it didn't. Tonight was my last crash, so I decided to disable some add ons I hadn't been using. I noticed DownloadHelper hasn't been helpful for a while now so I decided to deactivated as well. Fair enough, Firefox suddenly went back to normal! Amazing! I've been using Youtube center (GreaseMonkey version) for a while now so I don't think I'm gonna be enabling this add on again, but will have it there just for the sake of remembering the good old times... Good bye, DownloadHelper.

It's been messing up my computer experience for a long time and who knows what else... Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

Normally I am quite thoughful about what to install.

I still remember all too well the browser toolbar fiasco of the internet explorer days and am aware that add-ons for Firefox are a possible albeit more hidden replacement for such kind of terror.

For Firefox I have only 10 add-ons, and mostly the security and privacy related classics next to a couple highest rating ones so it took me a while to go figure out that Video DownloadHelper was still lurking like a parasite in my Firefox' entrails and causing a lot of trouble.

Issue was Firefox heating up my computer, web sites from which you would expect a whole lot of optimization like Amazon.com would crawl forward.

Why did I not think about an addon causing this trouble?

Well, I always tend to have like 20 open tabs in Firefox so I just figured wrongly that would be the main issue.

There is also a saying that Firefox is a resource hog with many tabs opend - I will have to re-investigate and verify this later.

With today's excess of processing power available we should always be vigilant about where this 80% of CPU usage is being attributed to.

A program just hanging or real time compressing data before sending?

Anyway, after months of suffering I decided to take investigate the issue of my Firefox using a lot of CPU and battery.

It seemed to be too easy to discover the source of the prolonged misery:

1. Start Firefox in safe mode w/o any add ons ; and if Firefox then runs fine, then it must be an add-on that is the cause.

2. Restart Firefox with add-ons enabled and disable one add on at a time starting with the less needed ones.

Voila, direct hit, I first disabled DownloadHelper and Firefox returned to normal.

It tuns out that between a couple of versions and updates this add-on had developed issues to put it mildly.

Normally I would expect such add-on to be only active when I actually need it:

Activate by push button - Search for downloadable content on current page -> download - finished and de-activate add-on.

Instead it seems there is a whole lot going on on the background of any page you open thanks to Video Downloadhelper.

Not saying this program can't be useful but given its popularity I suspect it must giving Firefox a bad reputation and causing a lot of waste energy on many computers out there.

Without digging in the settings, my advice is to enable / install it when you need it but don't leave it just there in the background.

Version 5.4.0 is waiting for Mozilla review (but can be installed right now from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-downloadhelper/versions/) and brings many improvements regarding performances. Please give it a try and come back to update your review.

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I was just able to use the download helper.

I have a old Vista laptop and the programme is still working with no problem.

In my current laptop (win 7), I installed the same older version of FireFOX (26). Initially, I could not find the download button. But then I point the mouse to the upper aspect the screen, right click and there was a "custom" tap - and the Download helper icon was hiding there. I just dragged the icon to the address bar. Initially, the computer was asking to convert the video (you have to download another thing as said in multiple links), but if I click the download icon, and chooses the format I prefer (I use mp4) and then another drop down manual will show up on the right. Just got to "quick convert" and then the download will perform automatically without any conversion needed.

I hope the above helps and will work for a while. I did not try the latest version of Firefox. I use Chrome anyway.

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I, like most others here, are *not* "competitors", but frustrated users of your, once working extension. Unfortunately now it does not work at all "Fehler Aggregieren von "xyz" fehlgeschlagen ". Maybe you could start taking these messages seriously instead of just ignoring them as "spam" from a competitor. It takes time to come here, register and write a review, and it shows that the user actually cares - or cared.

So far, we only got one case of a media not working on VDH5 while fine on VDH4 (a special case of MP3 streamed over HTTPS). If you think you found a second case, please post it on http://www.downloadhelper.net/support.php . Posting in the support forum to get help does not take more time than posting here without details on the problem you are having.

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it was best, now forces me to use some crappy video convertor even if there is no need for conversion, but ok that can be "fixed" in settings...
anyway on some sites it giving me only ADP but with older version of VDH I was able to download videos successfuly
for some videos on youtube I don't get all versions, even if 1080p video is available in youtube player, video download helper gives me 720p as max video quality
Thanks developer for this plugin, even if it's not perfect, still it is best for online videos download

This Addon Slows Down Firefox A TON! Do Not Install! Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

My Firefox was running very slowly for months and finally I decided sort it out...I didn't want to, but I refreshed Firefox which deleted all of my 30+ addons, and upon reinstalling them one by one I discovered that it was Video Download Helper that was the source of all the trouble. Literally...the second I enable this cancerous addon my Firefox slows considerably, even the simple act of switching tabs becomes laggy. Some videos won't even play with this addon enabled! It's a shame that an addon I once loved is now in this state, but it is what it is. Don't bother with this addon, if you want to download videos you'd be better off with literally anything else.

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It used to be great,now it forces you to use a unnecessary converter to download 1080p from youtube,if you dont pay for it,the program adds a watermark.

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Muito bom mesmo, aconselho a todos!!!

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Download this addon RIGHT now, there is nothing better.

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I've been using this app for ages now. Although it has undergone some changes, it's still the great app I've come to love! For all of you who complain about the converter: YOU HAVE TO CLICK ON THE ACTUAL VIDEO FILE NOT THE ADP FILE! As long as you do that you'll have no problems! Please pay attention. Good work mig! I made this account just to rate this app, as it's the only one I use regularly!

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I don't know how I can connect to you, I had translated video downloadhelper to chinese, please call me, I'll sent language file to you, call me, thanks.

This is great !!!

Can you post in this topic https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/video-downloadhelper-5/3CBFXMxzxKo so we can get in touch with you ?

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I used this add-on a long time ago, but now it doesn't work (not to mention the UI is bad, but I'd overlooked it had the add-on done its job).

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in my search for a great download helper, i came across this add-on. It hasn't disappointed me at all! It works great for all my downloads!!

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On YouTube mostly useless. On about 80% of all vids I would like to download, I cant and get message, that file would be empty.