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  • The pictures you take and the care that you use in editing them - your love for the Pacific Northwest is very apparent! Having been to this location myself I can appreciate how perfectly you captured the beauty of it! Thank you!! :-)
    It was blind luck, but I was very pleased with it. We were on our way home from a wedding and it was perfect timing for sure!
  • waw it's beautiful theme
    Thanks. It is a photo I took. Glad you like it.
  • This theme makes me remember the old days
    Thanks for the 5 stars. I appreciate it.
  • im in love ;p
    ♥ Thanks.
  • Great looking theme, very tranquil.
    Thanks. That was just a lucky shot I took.
  • Cute theme and very good looking I use it and I'm happy.
    Thanks for reviewing. It was a lucky shot!
  • This is nature one can not avoid to be captivated by this awesome scenery!
  • very Gooooooooood
  • Seems to induce the feeling of sundown heading into evening. A beautiful picture and good job of turning it into a theme.
  • nice photo!
  • Nice Photography
  • i like (y)
  • really awesome nature.
  • sehr schön
  • Very relaxing, makes my day better
  • Very smart.
  • wonderful Photo!!
  • absolutely amazing. love the way the trees frame the sunset.
  • very amazing
  • Good photo
  • Very nice ! Thanks
  • Beautiful photo. Good job making it into a theme.
  • Люблю вечер и заход, спасибо!
  • Реальная картинка спасибо автору.
  • I took this photo on Chuckanut Drive, south of Bellingham, WA on a Halloween night. Very pleased with how it turned out. At one time, there were a millioin and a half people using this design. Thanks to all.