Historie verzí doplňku SSleuth

13 verzí

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Verze 0.5.3 94.8 KiB Podporuje Firefox 42.0 - 56.*

* Early/Partial support for TLS 1.3
* Polish translations. (Thanks to devmapper0)
* Minor fixes.

Verze 0.5.1 92.3 KiB Podporuje Firefox 42.0 - 51.*

* Support for e10s.
* The certificate fingerprint will now show SHA-2 instead of SHA-1.
* Added support for ChaCha20-Poly1305.

* Removed support for older versions of Firefox < 42.0 (and no support for TLS version displays if compatibility check is disabled).
* Preferences right-click menu has been removed
* Lots of minor fixes.

Verze 0.4.5 86.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 25.0 - 46.*

* Certificate algorithm naming corrections.
* French locale fixes.

Verze 0.4.4 86.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 25.0 - 43.0a1

* Localization fixes.
* French translations (Thanks to Thomas PORTASSAU)
* no support for e10s. Awaiting bug fixes from Mozilla.

Verze 0.4.3 82.9 KiB Podporuje Firefox 25.0 - 42.*

* Minor bug fixes
- Signature algorithm naming compatibility - Firefox broke certificate signature algorithm naming format.
* Minor UI tweaks.
* Still no support for e10s. Awaiting bug fixes from Mozilla.

Verze 82.7 KiB Podporuje Firefox 25.0 - 41.*

* Added 'Reset all', 'Custom list' buttons in the panel
* Toggle urlbar notifier colorizing from preferences.

+ Features in 0.4.1
* Average domains rating : Users with domains observer enabled will see a tiny notification icon and rating numeric in the panel next to the star ratings. This is an average rating for all the cross-domain requests. The icon will also turn red if there are insecure (unencrypted) requests, or if the average rating is less than 5 out of 10.
* Copy to clipboard: A new clipboard icon is visible in the panel next to the preferences icon for copying text in the panel main view.
* HTTP/unencrypted pages will be notified in red from now onwards.
* AES 128 and 256 are ranked the same. GCM suites ranked highest.
* German translations (Thanks to Jei Four)

+ Bug fixes

Verze 76.6 KiB Podporuje Firefox 25.0 - 37.*

* SSL/TLS versions cleanup, improved display
* UI improvements, preferences button.

Verze 75.6 KiB Podporuje Firefox 25.0 - 36.0a1

* SSL/TLS version only supported from Firefox 29 onwards.

Verze 72.9 KiB Podporuje Firefox 25.0 - 35.0

* SSL/TLS version is now visible on the panel (Requires Firefox 29 or greater, SSleuth domains observer to be enabled in preferences - default is enabled).
* Domains tab list occupies the full space of the panel. (Domains tab still in beta)
* Bug fix - inconsistent details across multiple windows and if reloaded at the same time.

Verze 75.5 KiB Podporuje Firefox 25.0 - 33.*

This release brings in some major features and improvements
* The certificate signature algorithm, public key size are visible.
* Signature algorithm is included for overall ratings.
* An HTTP observer to monitor background requests and grouped per domain. (Can be enabled/disabled from preferences).
* The panel UI is split to 3 tabs - a main tab for the general content, a domains tab and another for toggling cipher suites.
* The cipher suites toggling will now result in automatic page reload.
* A URL bar colorzing option - as per the rating (Disabled by default).

Verze 64.8 KiB Podporuje Firefox 25.0 - 32.0a2

* This version brings in support for restartless installation, and restartless preferences changes.
* The SSL authentication algorithm is shown under 'Cipher suites details'.
* The ratings for individual items are displayed next to them
* The rating mechanism is configurable now! More details at project wiki..
* The preferences are moved to a tab and is accessible from the notifier right-click menu.
* Support for enabling/disabling cipher suites. A list of cipher suites can be created, and the new list will show up in the right click menu of the notifier. Do a reload overriding cache (Shift+Ctrl+R) after changing states. Read more about enabling/disabling cipher suites..
* The panel information is slightly re-arranged, and the visibility of some cipher suite/certificate parameters can be toggled in preferences.
* Optional display of SHA-1 fingerprint of the certificate.
* Stylesheet loading limited to browser/preferences xul

Verze 39.1 KiB Podporuje Firefox 25.0 - 30.*

* Keyexchange strings more specific to match strings in some cipher suites. [ WIll be separating keyexchange and auth in an upcoming version]
* Supports FF 30.*

Verze 39.4 KiB Podporuje Firefox 25.0 - 29.*

* Namespace pollution : cleaning up some globals.