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  • GREAT! I love this add-on. It gives Firefox some extremely useful functions.
  • Everything works well, but copying to clipboard does not work for me
  • Excellent utility that routinely just doesn't work at all unfortunately. I use this a LOT for my job and would be willing to pay if it was more stable. It seems like every 48hrs it simply does nothing when clicked (well the UI shows asking you what sort of capture to do) and then no capture occurs. Sometimes restarting the browser fixes it.
  • It works like a charm!
  • Works great for long scrolling screen captures, as well as for conventional screen captures
  • Unable to upload your own screenshots without an account.
  • very very good, luv the scroll , since it helps with annoying iframse that don't print or are cut off, this captures exactly what i need. However a minus star that there is no preview and print(as i like to print to pdf)
  • Wonderful, I use it all the time!
  • Absolutely useless, retarded garbage = scrolls down 2 capture multiple 'pieces' of page instead of 1 long image, & the addon is over 6 megabytes. Going back to my stash of 'forbidden addons' Mozilla so retardedly deleted from their site, so I can use something that actually WORKS! =)

    Note: Went 2 my old stash of addons I saved & 'Abduction!' works much better than N E of the 'latest greatest' stuff on the Firefox site. Of coruse, in their 'infinite wisdom' they delete the stuff that actually works, I guess because their goal is 2 keep BREAKING the browser so they can sell 'Cu$tomer $upport' contracts or something = lame. Reminds me how 'Mouse Gestures Redox' is by far the best gesture addon, & like the rest if U tweak Firefox to IGNORE the 'compatability' lockouts it installs & works just fine = WAY better than the others! =)
  • You're still the one I love
  • Frustrated that Firefox disabled a developer-mode --fullscreen capability with a recent update, went looking for a simple extension that would grab long webpages. This extension is great with a lot of flexibility and options - love it!
  • I wish this would let you determine the format you want for the timestamp. {date} and {time} are full of hyphens: add a YYYYMMDD and HHMMSS option!
  • I use this on Chrome and Firefox and it's great. I love it.
  • Version 12.4.1 on Ubuntu creates files that aren't recognized by some apps as JPEGs (GIMP opens them but gThumb, Pinta, etc don't). Only grabs the first page of a multi-page tweet.