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  • As noted by others needs the ability to whitelist sites. In my case, I want to be able to log into academia.edu with Facebook, for cross-promotional purposes.

    https://alternativeto.net/software/facebook-container/ lists alternatives, including open source options.
  • immer schön zu wissen das man nicht verfolgt wird
  • very good
  • ok
  • I've been looking for this long time ago .....

    I really like this smart add, I love IT.
  • Needs a whitelist feature
  • After installing the extension, I was immediately signed out of Facebook and couldn't log back in until removing the extension.
  • Serious bugs in the Facebook-container extension code involving triggering actions on URL change / container change.

    - Clicking links / changing URLs in omni-box from container site to container site will close the current tab (history lost) and opens two tabs to new container site
    - Clicking links container site to non- container site working okay (one new tab opened, history container maintained)
    - For Google container add-on sometimes when clicking on link in search results, it will not open a new tab but opens a new site in the current container (login session lost). This means Google is not separated from other sites. Also occurs when typing in the omni-box
    - Changing URLs in omni-box from container site to non- container (and visa versa) will close current tab (it should open a new tab instead of closing the container tab although arguable)
    - No problems while staying in same container

    *** TESTED ***

    All container add-ons are conflicting as a result (you can only use one). Mozilla needs to change the code that triggers actions (triggered twice going from container to container site using multiple add-ons).
    Conclusion: You cannot fork the Facebook container add-on without rewriting the code.
  • Nergens last van deze addon doet wat het moet doen. Facebook volg je niet meer je krijg een kleur (onder de naam Facebook tab blad) bij mij een balk wit omdat ik zwart achtergrond gebruik of ja dark mode. Je kunt de kleur veranderen dus heb ik blauw gemaakt voor extra duidelijkheid. Mensen die zeggen dat links niet meer werken bvb als je battle.net wilt inloggen met je Facebook? Gebruik het dagelijks bij bepaalde sites die login werk gewoon. Prima addon een must have voor je eigen privacy en ja dat is belangrijk kinderen! Komen jullie nog achter. Als het te laat is.
  • Love that it blocks FB trackers, hate that I can't whitelist sites like Etsy and eBay for my business.