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  • ok so i love this add-on... on chrome. the audio quality starts glitching out on anything over 2.00 speed on firefox. i usually watch youtube videos at 2.50+ but i can't deal with the robotic sound on firefox. however i really do prefer firefox and would rather switch over to firefox, but this video speed issue is the only thing stopping me. not sure if it's an add-on problem or just a firefox issue that can't be helped.
    We should escalate this further to Mozilla because it's a Firefox issue.
    See these bug reports:
  • Great extension, works flawlessly - just the best, really..

    Found a bug: Prevents bing from pressing enter on search queries
  • Funciona perfeitamente.
  • A extensão é maravilhosa
  • I tried this extension on Firefox for Android. It only works for a few common websites like YouTube. For the other websites, it doesn't work - the controller is clickable. Meanwhile, the extension for PC works well for all websites.
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  • Very good, works as advertised. It's just that even with a modern 6-core 4.5Ghz CPU and 32GB of RAM, the sound quality in speed-up is really bad (much worse than Enounce Myspeed or many Chrome extensions doing video speed up).

    If the author would improve the sound quality (give a selection for low-cpu-impact/bad quality and higher-cpu-demand/super-quality audio algo), then it would be perfect 5 stars.
    Unfortunately this is a Firefox issue with not enough priority.
    We should bring more attention to this bug.
  • Luv it
  • Best add-on ever. Pls make a safari version.
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