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  • Fantastic addon, it saved me so much time over the years of using. I install it on all machines I use.

    You can speed up slow talking videos, use same set of shortcuts to RW/FF for all videos, skip over commercials on many sites... Works like a charm.

    Many thanks to developer.
  • I liked that it worked by keyboard but I dont want that icon on the video all the time. Also it disorts the sound too much by slowing or speeding it up (which is prolly a yt thing because the same disortion happens when I use the yt speed settings). When I can use my software player with slow or fast vids and change the speed there than the sound is perfect.
  • Rất tuyệt vời!
  • The speed drops down to 1.00 when you enter and exit full-screen mode.
  • Great, simple controller. I use this for every video I watch.