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  • I use this all the time, saves me time...lots!
    Controls work well and remain subtle and unobtrusive during video playback.
    The "1.00" is easy to tune out, even on Netflix.
    Super job!
  • used to work flawlessly on firefox for android up until a recent update was released, now everytime you load up a video the controls stay onscreen for 5 seconds and then disappear. the only way to get them to show up again is to pause and unpause the video.
  • Must have
  • Fantastic
  • I love it but it doesn't show Sometimes
  • nice
  • Très pratique pour accélérer les MOOC
  • it's an amazing, useful and easy to use extension.
  • Simply the best!
  • Great add on.
  • At last a port of Video Speed Controller for Firefox, thank you! Being able to adjust the speed with shortcuts is essential to me. It's like being able to read a text at the speed I want. Thanks again.
  • Exactly what I wanted!
  • Stops working after 1-2 videos. Only way to make it work again is to remove and add it again.
    What Firefox version and websites are affected by this?
    Please open a new issue with more details at https://github.com/codebicycle/videospeed/issues
  • Love it!
  • Simple and unobtrusive, does the job. Needs more customizations though:
    1. Option to disable keyboard shortcuts altogether. I don't need these HTML5 video features often enough to warrant assigning shortcuts to them. Also, I use extensions like VimFx or Saka Keys, and it's messy and unnecessary to have two sets of shortcuts like that.
    2. Option to customize what buttons we have in the controller. I rarely need the advance/rewind buttons (which crash Netflix video playing, btw), and I need a 'reset to 1.0' button in the controller very much. Being able to customize these would be great.
    3. Minor one, but an option to customize which corner of the video the controller appears in. As of now, top-left is the default, but being able to customize that would be great.
  • Fantastically useful addon, saves buckets of time, makes it easier to search HTML videos. Lovely
  • Good extension to control speed, I personally use keys + and - to control it (like a similar chrome extension)
    Good customization :)