9.896 reviews
  • Der beste Werbeblocker aller Zeiten! Ein sehr effizienter Blocker! Prozessor-freundlich und bescheiden beim Speicherbedarf!
  • Excellent alternative to AdBlock and similar extensions, because of lower CPU/RAM usage and better support for 3rd-party lists.
    However, by using the latest stable release (v1.22.2) I lose periodically all subscribed lists, so the browser navigation freezes until I disable/reinstall uBlock.
    The issue is fixed in v1.22.3.x beta, I hope you'll release them in stable branch asap.
    Actually I'm downloading uBlock beta from the official Github repo.
  • The most powerfull ad-blocker. Installed on all my browsers
  • Super
  • Thanks for excellent addon.
  • Adblock Plus stopped working randomly today, so I installed this and I am safe again. Thanks!
  • Esta extensão é a melhor quando se trata em bloquear rastreadores e anúncios. Indispensável.
  • very good!
  • It really slowed down opening up Firefox, I had to wait 3-5 minutes for any page to open. Deleting it stopped the problem so definitely something related to uBlock.