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  • This a very frustrating pop up blocker. It either blocks ALL or none. Most pop up blockers show a bar on the screen asking you if you want to allow a popup and you can select no, one time only, or always. ublock origin doesn't do this and it is very frustrating because there are times you definitely DO want to allow pop ups.
  • Sajnos újabban azt is letiltja, amit nem kellene. Remélem hamarosan rájönnek a hibára.
  • Mucho mejor que adblock plus. Al juntarse con nano defender puedes bloquear los anti adblockers.
    Merece mucho la pena
  • Excellent adblocker. Does everything I need it to do.
  • hate to even think of browsing with it! Ads have become too overbearing and the success of ublockorigin is direct proof.