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Amit Agarwal is a technology columnist and professional blogger at Digital Inspiration

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Free Kindle Books

Find and download free eBooks for your Kindle from the Amazon Kindle store.

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Send to Google Docs Vyžaduje restart

View web documents in Google Docs without requiring any desktop software. It supports PDF, Microsoft Office and Open Office formats.

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Google Vanilla

This search add-on for Firefox will activate vanilla search results for Google without the extra stuff.

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Live Writerfox

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You can download an updated version of the extension at

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iterasi for Firefox 3

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I have been using Iterasi since the days they launched and must say that the product just works as advertised.

The Firefox extension adds some new buttons near the address bar (this is configurable and you may even remove them) - hit the notarize button and a copy is saved in your Iterasi account.

Get it and you won't ever lose any web page.

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