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Auto Load New Posts for Google+™ Sin reiniciar

Auto Load New Posts

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Lexis State Bill Search Enhancement Sin reiniciar

This add-on allows lexis.com customers to review long lists of bills in an easier to read layout.

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TNT Sin reiniciar

An extension that helps you sharing links over twitter and blogs.

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wMean English to Hindi Dictionary

Find English to Hindi Meaning by clicking twice on any word.

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Keyword Provider Sin reiniciar

Bye bye (not provided). Keyword Provider Addon makes the keywords you generate searching on Google visible again, no matter whether you are logged in to Google or just using HTTPS for surfing. A simple way to avoid (not provided) data.

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SmilingStart | Socially Responsible Homepage

Receive beautiful images and raise funds for charity every time you open a new tab page for browsing.

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Vkontakte Player Control Panel (Restored)

Plugin to control the player on the site VK.com

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ioLink Sin reiniciar

The cursor changes when you hover over a link, making it easy to view ..

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Passcodes Sin reiniciar

A easy add on for generating and regenrating passcodes passwords

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Extension for Ractors.com.

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Social Media Discovery Sin reiniciar

Extensión que permite extraer metadatos de una página web para el servicio Social Media Discovery.

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Artoo-CIBIL Integation for Ujjivan Sin reiniciar

This plugin allows you to automate the credit check with CIBIL. It seamlessly fits into the Artoo Portkey interface and helps the user copy data from Artoo's interface on to the CIBIL interface, saving time and effort.

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DoubanFMHunter Sin reiniciar

download douban fm mp3

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New newtab tab Sin reiniciar

Enchance new tab with some inline content.

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Quick Link Info

Tired of many opened tabs or windows? Quick Link Info is the easiest way to see link content without following link. Just hold mouse pointer over link, and get title and a part of page content in tooltip.

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Element Digger Sin reiniciar

Toggle the add-on for the current tab to let you see the HTML tag for any element you hover over.

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Dark Side Of The Prism Sin reiniciar

Dark Side of the Prism is a Firefox Add-on that provides a soundtrack for our surveilled internet meanderings.

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開啟獨立音樂網站 Deep One Perfect Morning(深晨) Sin reiniciar

快速的以新分頁開啟獨立音樂網站 Deep One Perfect Morning(深晨)

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Alter HN Sin reiniciar

A tool to bend Hacker News to your will.

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