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MyShows Necesita reiniciarse

Отмечайте Ваши любимые сериалы - быстро и удобно!
Check your favorite TV shows - fast and convenient!

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MRU Tabs

Alters the Ctrl+Tab hotkeys so that they cycle through all tabs in the order of their activation recency, much like the Alt+Tab hotkey does on the operating system level. When the active tab is closed, the most-recently active tab is selected.

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Vai fonts package

Vai fallback fonts for Firefox for Android.

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SeLite Bootstrap Necesita reiniciarse

It allows smoother development of Selenium Core extensions. It reloads them automatically on change.

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Guppit - Discover | Share | Earn Necesita reiniciarse

This extension helps the user to convert any URL to his own Guppit URL and share it on various social networking and bookmarking platforms in just one click, thereby saving his efforts in going to Guppit.com to do so.

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Tifinagh font package

Tifinagh fallback font for Firefox for Android.

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Buscar filtros para vehiculos

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Diction! Necesita reiniciarse

Diction shows meanings
Select the word,Right click,click on 'Show meaning for :word:'
Thats it!
Diction! -powered by Wordnik.(wordnik.com)
A big thanks to ideahobi.com for the icon!

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Seoptimer.com - SEO Audit

Seoptimer.com is an on-line tool for on page SEO analysis.

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SanRockstar Necesita reiniciarse


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Fly Photo Editor for Facebook

Instantly add filters, remove blemishes, add frames and much more with a powerful yet easy to use photo editor right in your browser

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Рейтинги для FS.TO(ex. FS.UA) та EX.UA

Показує рейтинги фільмів та серіалів на FS.TO (ex FS.UA) та EX.UA. Дозволяе на місці голосувати за обома системами.

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git.io creator

Create URLs for GitHub pages using the git.io URL shortener.

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Wikipedia Spoiler Hider Necesita reiniciarse

Hides spoilers on Wikipedia

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SeLite SelBlocks Global Necesita reiniciarse

For structured automation scripts in Selenium-IDE

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SeLite TestCase Debug Context Necesita reiniciarse

It's needed for SelBlocks Global. It works in Selenium IDE.

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SeLite SQLite Connection Manager Necesita reiniciarse

It manages SQLite DB connection(s). It can be used with other extensions from SeLite family, or on its own.

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SeLite Miscellaneous Necesita reiniciarse

It provides miscellaneous internal components for various parts of SeLite group of extensions.

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SeLite Commands Necesita reiniciarse

Selenium IDE Core extension. It provides various Selenese commands, for example for entering/selecting random input values.

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Redmine Issues Checker

Keep track of Redmine issues assigned to you.

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