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Xdebug Error Toggler Sin reiniciar

Toggle Xdebug's error messages in your PHP output.

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WRAPmail Sin reiniciar

WRAPmail users can create wraps in the included WrapMaker from scratch or choose an email template and combine this with an image library and customization.

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Gfox Google Shortcuts Sin reiniciar

All your Google Apps in the same place.

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bilibili Helper

bilibili Helper.
1. A shortcut function to redirect video in the bilibili.tv to its original submitter.
2. share the video in the bilibili to other site more easily.

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Metrifier Sin reiniciar

Metrifies a Homepage replacing all imperial units with metric ones (currently only Fahrenheit) by clicking on the M-Icon in the bottom toolbar. Strings can be added to the Fahrenheit regex with a rightclick.

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Taxist07 (2) Sin reiniciar

addon for atlant

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SLT Usage Meter Sin reiniciar

This extension allows you to check your SLT broadband usage.

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WinWeb Dashboard

WinWeb Dashboard Firefox Extension to allow login to the WinWeb Cloud Apps. Requires a WinWeb Subscription

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Favim.com Sin reiniciar

Save images from any website to your account on Favim.com

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27 usuarios

iNote for Firefox

iNote 微收藏

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9 usuarios

Rigantes Tools

Rigantes Tools is a Firefox addon for the game LordsAndKnights (http://lordsandknights.com/)

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81 usuarios

Espace Client

Accéder au service Espace client en ligne avec Mozilla Firefox.
Cliquez sur le bouton "Ajouter à Firefox" pour utiliser ce service.

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822 usuarios

Lista Negra Procon 2013

Uma barra de ferramentas que alerta sobre sites cadastrados na lista negra do Procon

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45 usuarios

Ebay Suche Add-on Sin reiniciar

Schnelle und einfache Suche für den selektierten Text auf weltweiten Ebay Seiten. Mit automatischer Speicherung des bevorzugten Landes. Optionales Suchformular unten. Auf Ebay von überall aus schnell Suchen, ein Muss für alle Ebay Fans!

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Ytria scanEZ Launcher Sin reiniciar

Launch Ytria scanEZ on the current web page directly from Firefox.

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Findbar autohide

An extension that automatically hides the find toolbar when changing to another tab. By doing this the find toolbar won't take up any screen real estate unless you're actually using it.

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Miiverse Sin reiniciar

Corto y rápido en la Nintendo Miiverse desde su ordenador o teléfono inteligente!

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AOL Mail Preview Sin reiniciar

Preview and access your AOL Mail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail all in one place.

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245 usuarios

AOL Share This Sin reiniciar

Easily share sites via AOL Mail, Facebook or Twitter right from your browser.

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16 usuarios