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Color tool converting and providing information about any color.

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You Should Probably

You should probably stop wasting your life and go do something useful.

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Yaka : Ret


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UCut.it - Simplifying URL sharing

The UCut.It browser extension allows you to shorten URL's on the fly from within your browser. Just right-click any link of your choice, and the select UCut.it, and the shortened URL will be placed in your clipboard for immediate use.

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Care to Search

When you install the Care to Click Browser Extension, you’ll see our small red "carrow" in your search results, next to participating stores. Purchases at any of these retailers, earns a donation to your favorite charity – with no extra cost to you.

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Erweitert die Seekarte von Escaria.com um viele nützliche Funktionen.

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View Scratchpad As HTML

View your Scratchpad content as an HTML page!

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Yaka : Mag


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Bucharest, not Budapest Necesita reiniciarse

Download the ROM add-on and end the confusion

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Best Free Image Hosts (HotLinking allowed ) Necesita reiniciarse

Easily right click upload pictures to free images server that allow hotlinking and no bandwidth limits...

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Fake Domain Detective

Protect yourself against fake websites! Fake Domain Detective helps make sure the site
you are on is where you really want to be.

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FastBrowz Review Browser

Reddit, Hacker News and Amazon Firefox extension to enhance productivity and save time.

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Search image Necesita reiniciarse

Select some text, right-click and choose"Search image" in the menu, a Google Image tab will open with your results.

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Big Navigation

enlarging the navigation links on the pages

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Symbol 2 Clipboard

Simple keyboard containing many special characters, click on any character to copy it to clipboard.

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WikipediaPlus Necesita reiniciarse

It monitors your browsing and silently checks for matching pages from other sites of interest. Where it detects a matching page (either by URL or by page title), it notifies you so that such pages are only a click away. NB: A NON-WIKIPEDIA PROJECT.

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Gogetchecker Necesita reiniciarse

Проверка площадок в бирже ссылок Gogetlinks

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Gaia Live PM

Gaia Live PM. Instantly updates you when you received a private message!

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Freemp3go toolbar

Freemp3go toolbar allows you fast search and download .mp3 files.

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project Eli

This addon modifies AAF sites for user's convenience.

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