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AUSkey for Firefox

AUSkey will no longer be supported by Firefox in March 2017. To continue using your AUSkey in Firefox you need to download this browser extension.

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Popup Blocker Ultimate Kräver omstart

Popup Blocker Ultimate makes it easy to block pop-ups.

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Close'n forget Kräver omstart

Very simple add-on that closes the current tab and make Firefox forget about the visit: suppressing cookies related to the current page, cleaning (beware : may be partial) the browser history and so on.

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Impero Education Pro

Provides content authorisation as part of the Impero Education Pro software product.

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Hide My IP Free

Hide Your IP Address and Unblock Websites for Free with the Hide My IP proxy and VPN IP network. Thousands of IPs around the world to choose from. Access your favorite streaming sites by changing your IP location. No ads or limitations.

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signTextJS plus

window.crypto.signText replacement plus enhancements

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Random Agent Spoofer

Rotates complete browser profiles ( from real browsers / devices ) at a user defined time interval. It includes many extra privacy enhancing options

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ClassLink OneClick Extension

ClassLink provides secure and simple single sign-on access to all your apps, files and classes from anywhere.

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B-Trust Tool NEW

Configures B-Trust security devices, imports B-Trust certification chain.

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RefControl Kräver omstart

Control what gets sent as the HTTP Referer on a per-site basis.

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Don't track me Google

Removes the annoying link-conversion at Google Search / maps / ...

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Proxy Tool Kräver omstart

Proxy Tool - Powerful, yet User-friendly proxy tool to manage your proxies and anonymity needs, including: 46M+ user agents (world's largest), 10 different spoofed HTTP referrers, auto-proxy rotation, plus many more. Developed by

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webPass Firefox works in conjunction with Stoneware webNetwork version 6.3 (and later) to provide single sign-on (SSO) capabilities within Firefox.

You must be authenticated to a webNetwork server to use this add-on.

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InfoNotary Configurator for Mozilla Kräver omstart

Configures Mozilla for work with certificates issued by InfoNotary Plc.

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window.crypto.signText replacement

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Parental Control: Porn Blocker

Parental control app that denies access to porn sites. It uses a semantic parser that scans and blocks all kind of adult content.

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Adblock for Vkontakte & Odnoklassniki

Не знаешь как заблокировать рекламу в ВК и Одноклассниках? Установи блокировщик рекламы для социальных сетей!

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Acede a todos os sites bloqueados em Portugal. Uma experiência de internet livre e sem qualquer tipo de bloqueios.

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Stop Fingerprinting

Disables / modifies some browser APIs that would otherwise allow browser fingerprinting

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