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  • давно пользуюсь, прекрасное дополнение дающее важные функции для продуктивной работы
  • It appears to have aalmost everything you can think of to use.
  • complet
  • عالی
  • I love it
  • bgfjhntrdj
  • 非常不错,但不知道怎么用
  • не работает!
  • Super
  • Не хватает русского языка. Ещё минус в том, что выбранное сбрасывается.
  • This extension is absolutely indispensable in the toolbox of every web designer / frontend developer. But..
    With the restrictions of the latest 'updates' of Firefox the workflow of this awesome add-on is completely DESTROYED

    It's like forcing the dentist to drill teeth with a rake..
    My advice:
    1. Download the last working version -whit this add-on- of Firefox (be sure to disable automatic updates!)
    - http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/56.0.2/win64/nl/

    2.Install the one and only working version of this fantastic add-on (Version 1.2.13)

    Can someone give me advice about a software package / IDE that offers the same functionalities (and front-end workflow!!) of this add-on?