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Različica 30.3 KiB Deluje z Firefox 29.0 in kasneje

Update for compatibility with latest Firefox. Now Link Gopher is accessible through a menu button. (Thank you to Ken Saunders.)

Različica 20.1 KiB Deluje z Firefox 2.0 in kasneje

Since version 1.2:
* Add feature to filter links.
* Reduce the space used in the status bar from "Extract Links" to just "Links."
* Remove left clicking action. (You must now right click on "Links" to bring up the context menu.)
* Add documentation (accessible by right clicking on "Links" and choosing "About Link Gopher").
* Switch variables from global to local to stop polluting the JavaScript global namespace.

Since version 1.3.1:
* Remove the feedback that the user has cancelled his request (by Mozilla editor's request)

Različica 1.2 15.0 KiB Deluje z Firefox 2.0 - 3.0.*

Now accepts a left click on the status bar