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  • First you have to open the DevTools and click on the Validator. This is one more click than before. And you can't see immediately that there are problems while surfing, because the icon is always grey in the toolbar. This is unfortunately a step backwards, therefore only 3 stars instead of 5 as before.
  • Unable to properly parse the document, just use https://validator.w3.org

    validator.w3c.org is also a option in the extension. Please go to the extension option (hamburger icon).
    The default algorithm is tidy from W3c too.

  • Validating frames is no longer possible with the new version when using Firefox. Hopefully, the feature will be recovered, otherwise this expansion will be of no use.
    The same extension works in Chrome. There is a missing feature in FF to have this working. See https://gitlab.com/mgueury/html_validator/issues/11. Feel free to vote for the FF bug.
  • With FF 60 still sees the source generated by browser instead source generated by server. The Options of this extension are partial broken... not able to select GSML, always gets TIDY... partial working on FF 60, needs to be reworked again to be useful under FF 60 and more...

    EDIT: in chrome this extension don't work anymore... won't validate my web pages, instead to see a green flag I can see only a message "Info 0 0 No HTML" and nothing other... the flag remains gray...

    This happens on latest version of Chrome! Version 66.0.3359.181...
    The exact same HTML Validator extension/code works fine in Chrome. The reason being several bugs and mostly one API not implemented in FF.

    This is the chrome version (in fact the same file): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/html-validator/mpbelhhnfhfjnaehkcnnaknldmnocglk

    For more explanation, please look in the bugs below.

    and mostly vote for the FF bug to be fixed :-)

  • Now working again. (A great tool I have used for many years.) But
    first I had to do a clean install of Firefox 57 (new profile) and then
    install HTML Validator. Apparently there was some junk in my VERY old
    profile that caused a problem with the new Firefox and new HTML
    Validator. The source displayed by the Inspector showed a wtx-context
    added to the HTML tag and to several others. That was not in my actual
    source code. The Validator did not like that attribute and put up a
    warning. Even worse, the Validator would not detect any errors in an
    intentionally buggy test file I created. Doing the clean install fixed
    all that.

    I wish there were a keyboard shortcut to invoke the HTML Validator in
    this new environment, e.g., as Ctrl-Shift-C, Ctrl-Shift-S, etc. do for
    other tools. I have programmed my mouse to do a Ctrl-Shift-I, but then
    have to click on the HTML Validator tab.

    When I try to go to http://users.skynet.be/mgueury/mozilla, I get a
    timeout. Is that site no longer available? If I do a tracert for
    users.skynet.be, it steps thru almost 20 nodes, but finally times out in
    Belgium. Jeff
  • very good
  • Ok
  • Excellent tool that I have used for years to check all my web pages before releasing. Please make WebExtensions compatible so it stays working after November 2017. Thank you.
    Kevin (for some reason it is showing as anonymous)
  • It's still a great and useful extension.
    Especially the activation just for certain domains and the integration into the sourcecode window are nice.
    But I am afraid the addon will stop working soon, when e10 (multiprocess) support will be required.

    Answer to your reply:
    I have e10 disabled anyway so far. But the mozilla compatibility reporter says html validator doesn't work with multiprocess. I also checked that in a new profile (see screenshot) where e10 actually was enabled.
    So it may be just a problem with the automatic compability recognition or formalities in the manifest.

    Also see https://www.arewee10syet.com/ for further links/info.
    E10 is normally implemented in the extension. At least the part of chrome and content. Webextension is not. It is a huge task.
    E10 is a complex and it is very possible that I missed something.

  • Good extension.

    I habe 64-bit firefox also installed but i got a error in the 64-bit version:

    The dynamic C library contained in the extension file could not be found

    Hope this could be solved.
    In 32-bit version FF everything ok.
  • J'ai un problème de conflit entre firebug et html validator avec les dernières versions.
    Lorsque html validator est actif, l'affichage de firebug est modifié et certaines fonctionnalités ne sont plus disponibles ?
    Pourriez-vous m'envoyer par mail, mgueury@skynet.be, un screenshot du probleme, les versions de Firefox, HTML Validator, Firebug et le type d'Operating System ? Merci
  • Some errors are a bit missleading when localized. Requires more help messages for errors. Or at least show english help if localized is missing.
    Please be more explicit, I think that there are 400 errors message descriptions. The extension is translated in 14 languages, and only 2/3 for the full errors. mgueury@skynet.be
  • Sadly this still doesn't work properly with CSE HTML Validator.
    Thanks for the feedback. I do not have CSE validator on my machine anymore. I mail Albert W, the owner of CSE to try what we can do to help you :-)
  • I've been testing HTML Validator Beta with no problems on the version of SeaMonkey mentioned below, comparing "Tidy" results with "SGML" results. In particular the "Tidy" version found attribute errors (including quite a number of mismatches due to typos between the name= and id= attributes of tags). :-)

    User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:50.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/50.0 SeaMonkey/2.47a1
    Build identifier: 20160625075045

    Great that it has ceased being "Windows-only".

    P.S. One unclosed tag caused several "anchor already defined" warnings, but once I had noticed and fixed the error the spurious messages disappeared.
  • When I open source code in new window then "Wrap Long Lines" option in View menu doesn't work correctly. When I switching to viewing source code in Tab then all works fine. Please fix this.
  • I just wanted to express my gratitude to Marc for keeping this add-on alive and updated since so many years. It's an indispensable tool that I use every day.
  • Hello Marc, we daily use the HTML validator extension. We are happy that it already can validate HTML5 code locally. However since couple days we are experiencing problems. If we press Ctrl+U, nothing will show up, only a white screen. If we want to see the source code at least, we must uninstall the addon first. Are you aware of this trouble? Thanks for help!
    Hi Misinko,

    No, unhappily I am not aware of any issue now.

    Can you send me a mail (mgueury@skynet.be) with
    - version of Firefox / HTML Validator that you use
    - screenshot of the issue
    - OS system and OS version
    - The output of the browser console (Developer Tools/browser console)
    - When you see the view source, does it pop up in a tab or in a separate window ?

  • Make sure to set HtmlTidy as the validation template everyone!
    The default one makes no sense.
  • After downloading I was presented with a table with options I could barely read - white text against a light blue background. So I dismissed the box and the user guide page was opened in a new browser tab, explaining the options - which I can setup via preferences in the extension window. I haven't got round to using the tool yet - but to be presented with options that weren't readable is off-putting! I'm not sure if this is specific to another extension I have enabled - e.g. no squint. But this was set to show black text against a white background as default. I disabled nosquint - but the html validator colors remained unreadable. So, assuming the colors have nothing to do with my existing extensions (even if they do?) - please could these choices be presented in a more readable way. Note: I don't have an array of extensions installed - nosquint, noscript, and newscrollbars only. So, seems unlikely they are to blame.
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Would it be possible to send by mail more details like OS, version of Firefox, the extension version and if possible screenshots of your issues
    It seems that something is broken with new Firefox versions.

    My mail is mgueury@skynet.be. Thanks
  • Using Linux64bit Firefox, didn't show up in the "View Page Source" tab, so I changed FF's behavior to open source in a new window (Set "view_source.tab" to "false" in about:config). Works again.
  • The new version its not only signed yet - it solved the issues with windows x64 systems on Firefox 42. I'm very happy that i can use it again. Thanks Marc!