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  • I want to be able to export the backup on the android version of firefox


  • Ultra facile à installer et permet vraiment de ne plus être agressé par les pubs, du moins pour les sites que je fréquente. Merci bien au développeur

  • Muito bom.

  • nice

  • Many functions disappear. Tampermonkey is better.

  • Самопроизвольно удалились ВСЕ скрипты.
    Больнинство самописные. И бэкап не делал, т.к. даже не предполагал, что такое возможно.
    Я просто в ярости!

  • 2

  • Very minimalist, follows trendy designs almost to a point where it's a pain in the ass to use. Are there no options to speak of? What happened to blacklist?

    This started it all but it hasn't kept up with other add-ons.

  • норм

  • Since the release of WebExtension version Greasemonkey became significantly slower when dealing with heavier scripts. If core functionality is getting there (though really slowly) performance is terrible comparing to non web-ext version or Violentmonkey.

  • FF ESR, Greasemonkey 4.1 - non usable.

  • Yess

  • iyi uygulama eklentisi.

  • açılmıyor

  • doesn't work
    change to tampermonkey and work well

  • good

  • Muy bueno

  • Es muy rapida

  • FF 56 Greasemonkey 4.1 - pure junk. The Greasemonkey category is gone from add-ons page which means no easy way to order and maintain a large group of scripts. Use version 3.17.

  • good

  • No1

  • hi

  • thanks

  • why I can't use GM's API like "GM.setClipboard" ?