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  • Simple, très beau , repose les yeux.
  • I have used several of Sinine's themes over the years and have enjoyed every one. They are easy on the eyes, wonderful colors, great as "backgrounds" to enliven my Firefox browser, yet are never a distraction. This one "Blue Flow" is a great addition to that excellent tradition. FIVE STARS!!!
  • The colors are beautiful and everything added to it displays perfectly. Nothing is hidden, blurred or camouflaged by its design or color. It doesn't make me want to continuously look for something else to replace it.
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  • it worths fixing!(๑>؂<๑)
  • Very Good.
    And NotBad.
  • Şahane bir renk uyumu hoş ve göze batmayan bir dizayn
  • It's very nice!
  • Esta perfecto
  • I enjoy just about all of firefox from past uses of it. I would recommend it.
  • Esta genial aun que esperaba algo mas animado :v.
  • I think it's great looking he is going to Jazz up my site.
  • 喜歡就好。

  • Vary gud
  • Very Good!
  • Ten dodatek zainstalowałem ponieważ pasował do koloru adapteru, którym się posługiwałem; działa bez zarzutu.

    Radosnych Świąt i szczęścia w Nowym Roku!
  • love it
  • very-very nice theme! thanks
  • Hermosos, es relajante a la vista.
  • elegant and simple theme
  • İ love theme. Simple and futuristic. But other colors them trying
  • pure, elegant, and with nice blue atmosphere, this personas is a pleasure when it apears on my computer
  • Beautiful theme! Using it right now.
  • love this, use it on TB and FF.
  • nice view