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  • 特别好用~比同类轻巧些感觉~
  • Ze všech vyzkoušených ADblockerů tento určitě nejlepší.
  • This is the real adblocking extension, everything else is not up to par...

    A must have. If you've been browsing the web without an ad blocker in the past 15 years, you've been doing it wrong.

    Not only does does it rid a website of unsightly ads, improve the browsing readability experience, but it also makes browsing safer as exploits and malware are commonly spread thru add networks.

    Also, most webpages actually look like they were designed to be viewed without the ads in the first place.
  • Через некоторое время работы поле последнего успешного запуска браузера блокирует интернет вообще. Помогает только удаление и переустановка дополнения