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Don't do 'social media.'

This - the AddOn section of Moz' is what this place is about - nothing else.

If I'm here, it's only in relation to that, and nothing else.

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Edit Cookies

Once a good add-on... Avaliado em 1 de 5 estrelas

It was good. Once.

Prior to Abine 'partly' ('partly taking control,' Huh!?!?!)

I don't like Abine - when they first appeared in 'Mozilla-Land,' they were all bright, sunshiney nice, and (they) purported to us to be 'AGT' (all good things) a FireFox user could/would want.

Shortly after this, it turned out they were sneaky-Pom-Peep;' collecting data, and I think selling it as well (if I'm mistaken, I WILL adjust this), but, I do remember Abine coming out with the equivalent of a 'news release,' in which they admitted this, as much, but, insisted they truly are 'good guys.'

Sorry - I stick with Judge Judy; lie to me once, I can't trust you.

FireFox has many other add-on options, so, I would definitely look elsewhere.

Hide My Ass! Web Proxy

Not So Secure Avaliado em 2 de 5 estrelas

Hide My Ass (HMA) is a simple, straight-forward Proxy tool.

While it might be the 'most popular,' this DOESN'T mean the best - and it really isn't.

If anyone interested in using a secure web proxy by now (SHOULD) doesn't know, on the Dark Web, the (purported) operator of SIlk Road (sort of the 'anti-Amazon') was, caught - because the communications he (thought) were secure, WEREN'T.

The reason? He was using HMA.

Also, if you don't wanna do a lot of research on which proxy server's good, btter, bst, check out most any (reputable) site offering reviews, or 'best' lists. HMA ISN'T listed.

It never makes me happy to say something isn't very good, and I always liked (the idea) of HMA, but, if you want a more secure proxy server, go elsewhere.

Listen; you can choose to either take my advice, or not - the ONLY one who (might) end up with problems ISN'T me.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (  Esse usuário tem uma análise anterior desta extensão.

Disable Anti-Adblock

A review & a note to anyone NOT using AdBlock Plus (AB+) Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

I read in the reviews some one - 'q1k' - stupidly says; 'doesn't work with AB Edge - please update.'

Even though it CLEARLY states - you need AB+ - NOT any of the knock-offs, there'll always be idiots who just don't READ.

If you choose to use one of those and NOT use AB+, then YOU must deal with whoever 'made' (parens because they just made a literal copy of AB+) your AB because - as it SAYS - this is ONLY for AB+.

Your problem has NOTHING to do with either AB+ nor Disable Anti-Ablock (DAB), so giving this add-on a whine & asking for an 'update' is ridiculous - as well as unfair to Jaril (the maker of DAB), as it's NOTHING to do with this - it's ALL to do with what YOU chose to use INSTEAD of AB+.

AB+ - as all users of it know - is a wonderful add-on (even though I still see people who once-in-awhile bitch, saying it 'doesn't work' - because THEY didn't bother to READ & see you have to give it filters for it to work.

DAB is another 'feather' in AB+'s cap, as it helps (tremendously) by adding the ability of AB+ to handle sites which have anti-AB software.

I'll say it yet again; DAB is ONLY - O-N-L-Y - for AB+ users, and NOT - N-O-T - for ANY - A-N-Y - knock-offs, clones of it.

IN this regard, it's terrific.

It's simple - with no settings necessary - for the user to deal with.

There'll ALWAYS be people who build something - in this case AB+ - to try and prevent it from doing it's job, hence the necessity of DAB, and - sigh - there'll bound to be another 'anti-ANTI Disable AB+' (seems like a Bugs Bunny cartoon) someday, and so on, and so on.

But - for now - users (of AB+!) can find comfort with DAB onboard.

Cookie Controller

I LOVE Cookie Controller! Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Let me tell you why I love this cookie handler so much;


The way I usually judge things is in their ease of use.

I feel that - no matter what the specific item, gadget, etc. is, the user should be able to use it 'out-of-the-box' without having to read a manual.

That's one reason I've ALWAYS - ONLY used Macs.

The item - and controlling it should feel natural to me, the user (or you) at first.

Once I become proficient in handling it, I may choose to use the manual to learn more complicated features.

Cookie Controller (CC) exceeds in this.

On first use, you have a little icon (I have mine in the Status Bar - bottom of the screen), which, when pressed, you see three colored indicators - each representing HOW Cookie Controller will handle the cookies for the site you're CURRENTLY on; 'red' - CC will destruct the cookie IMMEDIATELY after closing the site's tabs. Yellow' - CC will destruct the cookies after you quit the browser, and 'Green' - CC will not do anything to them.

When you first run CC, CC will do an inspection of all the cookies you currently have (while it's doing this, your browser will not be 'stuck.' It will, however make setting your personal site-per-site rules hard, so, just wait until this process is done - only a couple of minutes or so).

After this initial period, you're ready to go.

Every time you go to a site, it'll be CC's first time,' so, this is when you should fine-tune how you want CC to handle that site's cookies (CC - if left alone - will just handle every site in the same manner, which, if that's ok with you, then you're fine).

Since most of us have site's we go to on a regular (daily) basis, this 'setting up' is really no inconvenience. The only time AFTER having set CC up you' need to deal with it, is when you go to a new site for the first time (which, as I said before - if you leave CC alone, it'll handle the new site's in whatever manner you'd initially chose).

After that point, CC became unnoticeable to me - and will be for you, as well.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (3.4.1-signed). 

betterFox - Make browsing experience 15% faster.

AVOID - WIll only cram ADS at you (which SLOWS your browser DOWN). Avaliado em 1 de 5 estrelas

How many of these (so far two) reviews are by either friends of the person(s) who made betterFox, or aren't real people - and are just to 'review' thls for the aforementioned.

The ONLY quasi-legit statement in what BetterFox 'is, is; '...betterFox - Make your browsing experience 15% faster.'

Maybe, but, when you look at the other garbage, er, I mean specs, and pictures, and all the other things bF brings with it, it becomes readily apparent bF is something to CRAM ADS at you.

ANYTHING which ADDS things, i.e., ads, WILL SLOW your browser DOWN.


If - I-F - you get ANY speed increase it'll be miniscule.

Even worse, this speed gain will not only be cancelled, but, the 'other' things bF brings with it, will cause be slowed down even further - weighed down by those 'other features.'

This is garbage, pure and simple.


Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (1.2.1-signed). 

SmartVideo For YouTube

Very simple - Very Good Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

First - let me just (sort of) second what Neil79said ('Good but buggy')..specifically about the pop-up control panel and what was said in response: It DOES pop up, BUT, as was said by Ashish, there IS an option to get rid of it.

The ONLY problem (and my reason for saying this) is - it's not in an intuitive spot. I KNEW it was there - somewhere, but, even though it was practically STARING back at me, I just didn't see it. I had to do a 'find' for 'popup' to see it. My suggestion to Ashish: either re-word this option, or - better yet - put it in a more conspicuous place (the top/bottom of the lists).

I got this addon primarily for my friend who's staying with me, but, for some reason is having YouTube start/stop on him, and it's very irritating (even though I've got a high-speed 14mps...(KIDDING!) modem. Since he got it, he's not said anything (a good thing) about his connection being wonky.

A very good, stable addon that does what it's supposed to do, simply.

I also like Ashish's interaction with us users.

Very commendable!

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (0.973.1-signed.1-signed). 

Viral Threat Level

An AddOn for the paranoiac in some Avaliado em 1 de 5 estrelas

An AddOn for 'current (viral) threat of the internet.

And how paranoid are YOU feeling today?

First, I'm on a Mac, and, while I've been to - and go to - many 'questionable' sights, in ALL my years (MANY) I've NEVER had ONE; virus, malware, Trojan, etc.

While NO OS is immune, PC's and 'windoze' machines ARE MUCH more susceptible.

BUT...even then, if you've COMMON SENSE, and good software, you can minimise - almost eliminate - the threat of getting something bad.

Such common sense things as:

• NEVER opening ANYTHING from an unknown sender
• Use good virus protection software (but, WITHOUT UPDATING it, it's USELESS)
• NEVER get, nor open things (software, movies, etc) from untrusted sites, and/or sources (i.e. torrents) - unless you KNOW what you're doing

Saying all that, this AddOn really doesn't do much for the average user.

You DON'T (or, actually, SHOULDN'T) need an AddOn that is like some 'DefCon-like thing for viruses (it actually reminds me of that idiotic 'color' code Bush 2 had after 9/11; 'good afternoon ladies and gentleman, the weather today's fine, and the threat level is magenta...'

What you SHOULD do is always - ALWAYS - STAY ON YOUR TOES - be alert.

I don't mean to knock Serevinus. I'm sure he made it with the best intentions (I really do mean that), but, the only thing that'll protect you is how YOU act on the internet.

HTTPS Finder

Brilliant - and SIMPLE Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

It's addons like this, that make using Firefox such a pleasure.

There's a great addon - HTTPS Everywhere - that's NOT found in this library.

Makes FF look for/use HTTPS (if available).

This TERRIFIC companion to HTTPS Everywhere, in that it takes what that addon does, and...adds on (!) to it's functionality in several ways.

One of the best ways it does that for me, is it automatically creates rules for HTTPS Everywhere.

This addon's so simple - but, so important.

It IS the 'yang' to HTTPS Everywhere's 'yin.'

Esse usuário tem uma análise anterior desta extensão.


BarTab4 is REAL Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

One of the reasons I'd hold on to older FF iterations, is I NEED BarTab.

When I read that there was a BarTab for FF 9.0.1 (and, beyond), I was THRILLED.

And, best of all - it WORKS - beautifully.

Thank you - Phikon, mdigo, et al involved, for making one of the simplest, most important addons shine!

Esse usuário tem 3 análises anteriores desta extensão.

Hide My Ass! Web Proxy

Works fine with WYZO Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas

For someone who needs/wants the ability to use a proxy server instantly, on a site-specific basis, Hide My Ass (on Wyzo) works beautifully.

IF you're looking for a more robust solution - I'd say, use TOR, but, HMA allows through it's pre-configured options, any user to instantly anonymously view a website - either by adding 'hma_' before the address, or, by simply hitting the 'h' icon on the search bar.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão ( 

Print Edit

Works FINE with FF 8 Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

First - as an add-on to print/edit, PRINT EDIT is terrific - especially if you're like me, and HATE wasting ink, printing...ads (yuck!).

I only updated to FF8 several days ago, and was hesitant because some add-ons I use had not yet been updated. When I did update, I re-read the comments on some add-ons, fearing they might not yet be compatible.

It was because of the comment from SVOBODNIY - who said only a few days ago, PRINT EDIT didn't work - that I was a bit nervous with PRINT EDIT.

However, all is FINE. I'd suggest to anyone having problems to reading the instructions again. IF that doesn't help, try re-installing the add-on.

All-in-all, thumbs up.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (5.6.1-signed). 

Print Without Ads

Get rid of annoying ads - and save INK Avaliado em 3 de 5 estrelas

A good, simple add-on that does what it's name implies: why waste ink when printing a web page, on all these unnecessary ADS (ugh!).

The only problem I'm now having is, since I updated to FF8, PWA no longer is compatible.

For that reason, I'm giving it 3 stars - 1 for it's incompatibility (I rarely find any add-on that's so 'perfect' I give it a 5 Star).

Oleg, please: UPDATE.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (1.1.1-signed.1-signed).  Esse usuário tem uma análise anterior desta extensão.

Print Without Ads

Avaliado em 3 de 5 estrelas

A good, simple add-on that does what it's name implies: why waste ink when printing a web page, on all these unnecessary ADS (ugh!).

The only problem I'm now having is, since I updated to FF8, PWA no longer is compatible.

For that reason, I'm giving it 3 stars - 1 for it's incompatibility (I rarely find any add-on that's so 'perfect' I give it a 5 Star).

Oleg, please: UPDATE.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (1.1.1-signed.1-signed). 


Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

So many long without BarTab - and, finally for FF8! I LOVE this extension - it really makes a BIG difference if you use tabs. I've not rad all the comments, so, I'm not sure why it's been so long, but, whatever - it's back. TERRIFIC.

Esse usuário tem outras análises desta extensão.


'AdBan' is now AdWARE... Avaliado em 1 de 5 estrelas

I'd used AdBan in the past. It was a decent add-on. Had this been an EARLIER version of this add-on, I would've given it 4 stars.

AdBan is now a PAID add-on.

Nothing wrong with that, per se. I DO support them.

However; this latest iteration comes with ANNOYING NAGWARE., and, in my book - that's a no-no.

I wouldn'te have even written this 'review,' had not the AdBan NAGWARE not asked me to.

So - AdBan, this is what you get - and deserve.

AdBlock Plus (Which I DO support!) is tops on my list. I've used it for several years now - stick with ABP. NoScript. Not AdBan.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão ( 

Good Old YouTube Downloader

1-Click WAS great...and now it's BACK!!! Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

But then - for...'some reason' (which I don't know), it's builder stopped updating it. True, with the constant revisions to YouTube, it can be a huge headache to do. It was left hanging - with no info - people continued to download it, but found it just didn't work.It was a sad day. Finally, someone (Vítor De Araújo), picked up the ball, and brought 1-Click up to 2011, and let me tell you; if you've never used 1-Click, it was/IS the SIMPLEST YouTube downloader bar NONE. To those of you, like me, who are familiar with 1-Click - breathe a sigh of relief.

So, to Victor - a humble thanks!

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão ( 

HTTPS Finder

If you use HTTPS Everywhere (which you SHOULD!), HTTPS Finder's a great compliment to it. Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

HTTPS Everywhere is an addon that - while not featured here on Mozilla, is a well known addon that forces your browser to use an HTTPS connection (from a list of sites). HTTPS Finder takes that addon, and goes further. While you can make your own rules for HTTPS EVERYWHERE, it's not something easily done by all. HTTPS FINDER takes the hard work out of the rule making for you. If a site (that's not on the EVERYWHERE list) has HTTPS, FINDER offers to connect you via it. If you'd like a rule made - presto! It's done.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (0.34). 

Flash Video Downloader - YouTube HD Download [4K]

Consistent, simple downloader Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas

Since the (death?) of 1-Click YouTube, I've been looking for a video down-loader that was simple, straight-forward to use.

Flash Video Down-loader fits that bill, for me. I've never had any problems with it. While I've used it at other video sites as well, the developer stays on top of the (endless!) tweaking YouTube does to their source code, and that takes dedication.

While there are other video down-loaders that offer more download options, I recommend Flash Video Down-loader to anyone, who just needs a video down-loader that doesn't require endless tweaking.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão ( 

Filter Uploader for Adblock Plus (unofficial)

Integrates with ABP - works well, but... Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas

Works GREAT. Simple to use (IF you know what you're doing), and while it's NOT take a 'genius' to figure ABP Filter Uploader or ABP, this person 'HERCHI' who thinks this (and EVERY OTHER addon he's reviewed) as a 'pity' - it 'doesn't work.'

No, it DOES work - as do EVERY other addon he thought 'doesn't work.' It's HERCHI who DOESN'T know what he's doing....

Bitdefender QuickScan

Avaliado em 1 de 5 estrelas

This add on is essentially a come-on. Like those myriad of 'speed up your computer,' and 'remove virus', etc. from your computer' commercials, this 'add-on' tells you (if you have malware,etc), your computer COULD be healthy - if you just PAY for the FULL version.

The simplest way to not have to worry about virus, etc., is to have good protection software ALREADY on your computer (and keeping it current). Another simple thing to do - buy a Mac. 99% of all these computer bugaboos are on PC's.

Last word: This add-on is a waste of time, and might cause you more problems if you use it.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (